Out of the Blue!


Feeling blue? Definitely not! Because blue is one of my favorite colors, especially the royal blue. That’s why until now I couldn’t get rid of this blue ruffled top that I got from Body Central a year ago. But I am thinking, I guess it’s time to take one more picture with it right now and I will get rid of it soon. 🙂  The black purse is from Koret that I got for free from Sneakpeeq. If you don’t know anything about Sneakpeeq, visit it here www.sneakpeeq.com, I am sure if you are a new user and is addicted to any fashion piece and ensemble for free or at least almost free, you will enjoy it there!


My coat is thrifted. I love it! I am a fashionista/recessionista. It’s not all the time that you have to go online or shop at the malls nearby you and spend much money for shopping. You can also visit your nearby thriftstores and they carry a lot of nice second hand stuffs that still of good conditions. 😉 I got my shorts from gap, about a year ago.


My wedge booties, I can’t wait to wear it outside again. They are so light and comfortable. I wore them once already when my husband and I went out for lunch. Too bad it was just freezing outside, that you woudn’t dare take a pose for a photo. LOL! See you again later guys. Hope all of you have a goodnight! Muah!

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