For the LoVe of Sewing!


This is my bestfriend next to my husband đŸ™‚ My husband bought it for me a few months ago when he saw how I loved to alter clothes on my own. Before this, I was doing all my sewing with my bare hands and it was not so easy and comfortable. When I got my babylock sewing machine which is so easy to use, everything in sewing seems so simple. Well, at least when you just look at it. LOL! But I got this from a Sew and Quilt where they offer a lifetime of free sewing class, so I attended classes for about two sessions and just learned the basics. If you just want to order a baby lock machine from the website which is a lot cheaper I believe, you can visit for more information.


I think every fashionista wants to learn how to sew even just the basic in sewing. This urge of wanting how to sew begins when you order something online and it turns out to be a little big in size. What are you going to do when you badly want to wear the dress but you can’t because it just look rediculously big on you? My answer, get it redone by myself….;-)


This is in my fashion room. I didn’t take a pic of the entire room because the other corner is in chaos. LOL! I love to hang out in here everytime I am at home,  to read  fashion magazines, to watch fashion TV and of course to sew. This is it for now guys. See you again later!

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