How Orange Can You Be?


When I saw this sweater in the mall I fell in love immediately. It’s so light and comfy and it covers even my hands. The orange color looks yummy and it is so soft like your favorite blanket. The weather is in the upper 70s today, it’s so nice to wear an outfit like this because it’s still breezy especially in the afternoon. I usually feel the cold temperature in my upper extremities than in my lower extremities so even if my legs are exposed I am ok as long as my chest and arms are not.


I finally wear my coach purse which my husband bought for me a few months ago. I love it because it’s so spacious and easy to carry because you can use it as a sling bag, I am thinking this bag is good for travels as well.


My headpiece is a DIY as well as my necklace. I saw this cute shell decor from the house that look like a pendant, I put a hole on it and put a string and there! I got a necklace! I am loving my shoes, they are so adorable and cute. I love to just run around with them coz they are very comfortable, I already know I will be using them a lot more later. My shorts are thrifted, they are a cut out from a 3/4 pants. Of course, it’s also DIY 🙂 I got my shades from Steve Madden.



Coach bag ( Steve Madden Sunnies (

That’s all for now guys, I hope you enjoyed this post. :))

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