I Dared Black!


I know I have gained some weight. TSK! I can see it from my little bulges at the side. ( I want to cry right now. LOL) But this black outfit I made did the trick. Like an illusion maybe. When you don’t stare at my body, you won’t see the bulges. LOL. Hopefully!


I have this top from the Philippines. It’s kind of old but this peacock design in front had me drawn to it that I couldn’t let go of it. I inverted it the way I wore it here because it’s not a tube top I cut the neckline and wore it upside down making the peacock design upside down as well. So if you look at it very closely, that’s the peacock tail that is shown in the design. My pants, oh yeah my pants. It’s a basic bell bottom stretch pants that you won’t even give a second look until I put a twist to it when I cut one of the legs as a slit. And now, I can see fashion to it. 🙂


I broke the monotony as how you call it by wearing a simple beads design bracelets which is a DIY by myself. They are really pretty to me because they look like candies in the middle of a dark box.


So what do you think? Would you dare black?

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