I Always give 100% at Work!


I told you so….I couldn’t wait to wear my tutu skirt that I made lastnight. LOL! I guess I am too bored not doing anything before work so I decided to take pictures of course. I want to look like a teenage cheerleader today and here it is!


This shirt, I always give 100% at work my husband got me at walmart. He said it is so cute and I can only agree with him. I have been looking for a statement shirt that should not be more than 10 dollars and I only got this for $4.99. So I am real happy about that. I suggest if you want some cute inexpensive statement shirts, check your nearest walmart.


That vintage inspired rounded sunnies! Oh boy! They arrived in the mail the other day. I ordered 2, brown and this one. I am so happy with my purchase, they look expensive to me but they actually are not. Find out for yourself at amazon.com. I have been shopping in amazon lately, I like how they put it “Smart is beautiful” tagline because it really is a smart way shopping with them.


Don’t yah think my rounded sunnies are cute? Hmm….:) By the way, my watch is my husband’s guess watch.


These platform sandals I got from C Label in amazon. They are so comfortable even at this height. I hope you enjoyed my little post guys. See you again next time. 🙂

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