Earth, Wind and I!


Today was such a very lovely day to spend with friends. The crystal-like water of the lake mirrored the bluish sky, the wind was blowing generously and laughters of friends enveloped the whole atmosphere. Spring is yet to come and summer still way ahead but we drove to the lake before the Superbowl game to have a little picnic and to celebrate a friend’s birthday. I decided to put on my jeans which I ripped and designed myself (LOL), an off-shoulder top which is also a DIY, and my comfortable flats. Thank you to the weather for not dropping low although it started to get chilly within the last 30 minutes of our stay in the lake area. Anyhow, my top although it’s hanging a little bit off my shoulders, its cotton and warm cloth still gave me warmth 🙂


The shoulder bag is thrifted. You might have noticed I always have at least 1 piece in my post that is thrifted. Well, call me the thrift store queen, I am ok with that 🙂 It works for me especially now that I am blogging.



I hope you don’t mind seeing my top looking like the way it is in the picture. It’s because it was originally a turtle-neck top and I cut it off and because I was thinking of sewing the hem to make it even I didn’t care if I wouldn’t cut it 100% straight which I wouldn’t be able to do anyway even if I tried. (Hehe). So because I think all my clothes in the closet looked more like spring and summer clothes, I had to grab whatever I could grab to make it on time to the picnic call time. And unluckily, my unfinished top was the one I picked. LOL. Well, see you later guys. I hope you enjoyed your superbowl sunday. Congrats to all the Ravens’ fans as well to the 49ers for fighting an awesome battle.

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2 thoughts on “Earth, Wind and I!

  1. Great photos sis! Nice post too.


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