Cute Equals Spring!

Cute Equals Spring!

You like it or not spring is just around the corner now. And when you think about it, you also start thinking about cute stuffs, like flowers in full bloom and of different colors. Since I love to prepare for the spring, like my outfits on where we are going, this time, I make preparations of my accessories as well. I am thinking if everyday I will use different kind of accessories, I will be broke trying to buy every single one of them. Even if they aren’t expensive, I still don’t want to spend more than what I used to spend before when I wasn’t blogging yet. So here it is. I made my own. I went to the Hobby Lobby yesterday and grabbed these pieces and assembled them into my own cute little accessories. The prices of these embellishments range from $1.99 to $2.99. But they come in packs. So let see you have 8 beads for a $1.99 which I wrapped with a cute printed cloth which is an extra cut from my sewing and glued it well, put an earring post and a clutch, you can make 4 cute pairs of earrings. It’s not a bad idea after all, isn’t it? What about you? Would you prefer making your own cute accessories too?

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