Fine Print is Classic!


Hi guys, I just got home from work and it so happened that I am not so sleepy yet so I decided to post these photos I had today. I am beginning to love what I am doing, I mean the blogging thing. LOL! I love fashion regardless of time, yesterday, today and tomorrow but this blogging, it’s starting to hit on me like a drug. It’s addictive. LOL! So I have noticed  on my posts I haven’t posted this pair of cutesy, sexy boots I am wearing. So I decided to wear them today to pair with this pretty dress I just bought recently. I am so inlove with how the combo came out especially when I paired it with my candy messenger bag I got on ebay from overseas.


Fine prints are classic. You stock up your closet with fine print dresses and they are timeless. You don’t need to accessorize a fine print dress too well because it’s a statement on its own. Like what I did here, I just picked my calf high boots, and a solid candy purse, a simple bead necklace and I am all set.


So what do you think guys? Sorry about the trash can though. My husband didn’t take his time considering of what was on the surroundings before taking the pics. Good thing, the can was empty. LOL! See you again next time guys, I hope you like my little post… goodnight 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Fine Print is Classic!

  1. marie

    u looks good in this pics..i like it very much yang plus the weather is good too..i guess its perfect living in there…i hope me and my hon will be there and hope at that time u are there to help us enjoy our visit…..muahh,,,

    yang, everytime i see ur pics , ur sence in fashion is improving….i really get jealous because ur doing things that u love to do..while me…i did it because of money….how pooor i am…

  2. Thank you ann, you are so sweet. I can’t wait for you to visit here.I am offering the house for you to stay in 🙂

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