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Earth, Wind and I!


Today was such a very lovely day to spend with friends. The crystal-like water of the lake mirrored the bluish sky, the wind was blowing generously and laughters of friends enveloped the whole atmosphere. Spring is yet to come and summer still way ahead but we drove to the lake before the Superbowl game to have a little picnic and to celebrate a friend’s birthday. I decided to put on my jeans which I ripped and designed myself (LOL), an off-shoulder top which is also a DIY, and my comfortable flats. Thank you to the weather for not dropping low although it started to get chilly within the last 30 minutes of our stay in the lake area. Anyhow, my top although it’s hanging a little bit off my shoulders, its cotton and warm cloth still gave me warmth 🙂


The shoulder bag is thrifted. You might have noticed I always have at least 1 piece in my post that is thrifted. Well, call me the thrift store queen, I am ok with that 🙂 It works for me especially now that I am blogging.



I hope you don’t mind seeing my top looking like the way it is in the picture. It’s because it was originally a turtle-neck top and I cut it off and because I was thinking of sewing the hem to make it even I didn’t care if I wouldn’t cut it 100% straight which I wouldn’t be able to do anyway even if I tried. (Hehe). So because I think all my clothes in the closet looked more like spring and summer clothes, I had to grab whatever I could grab to make it on time to the picnic call time. And unluckily, my unfinished top was the one I picked. LOL. Well, see you later guys. I hope you enjoyed your superbowl sunday. Congrats to all the Ravens’ fans as well to the 49ers for fighting an awesome battle.

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I Always give 100% at Work!


I told you so….I couldn’t wait to wear my tutu skirt that I made lastnight. LOL! I guess I am too bored not doing anything before work so I decided to take pictures of course. I want to look like a teenage cheerleader today and here it is!


This shirt, I always give 100% at work my husband got me at walmart. He said it is so cute and I can only agree with him. I have been looking for a statement shirt that should not be more than 10 dollars and I only got this for $4.99. So I am real happy about that. I suggest if you want some cute inexpensive statement shirts, check your nearest walmart.


That vintage inspired rounded sunnies! Oh boy! They arrived in the mail the other day. I ordered 2, brown and this one. I am so happy with my purchase, they look expensive to me but they actually are not. Find out for yourself at I have been shopping in amazon lately, I like how they put it “Smart is beautiful” tagline because it really is a smart way shopping with them.


Don’t yah think my rounded sunnies are cute? Hmm….:) By the way, my watch is my husband’s guess watch.


These platform sandals I got from C Label in amazon. They are so comfortable even at this height. I hope you enjoyed my little post guys. See you again next time. 🙂

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The Swingy Skirt Idea!


I know, I know…This is the third time now that I changed my timeline title. The thing is, I just realized I love the idea of the swingy skirt when I saw it from my Instyle Magazine. I said, I am going to make me my own swingy skirt. And it got a nice sound to it which describes more of what I want to be in fashion. More girly look, a little flirty and zingy. 🙂


This is going to be one of my favorite skirts ever and I can’t wait to wear it. I can’t wait for spring to come and so I can twirl  my swingy skirt.


I told you I am going to make my own swingy skirt so I did give it a try using a tulle and a not so old skirt I had. And oh my goodness, I thought it was easy. LOL! You know, you see little girls a lot of times wearing tutus and they seem to be so easy to make because you just crumple them and sew them and there, you already have a tutu. But inserting it inside a skirt was a little headache for me. Hehe! I am practicing so just let me complain. But I made it! And I am so proud of my swingy skirt and can’t wait to wear it. 🙂

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