In Turquoise and Burgundy!


Hello there! It’s March! For a week period I wasn’t able to post something here because I was sick. I was thinking at first I was caught by the bug. But yeah, it was just a common cough and cold and nothing to worry about although it was still terrible to feel ill for how many days. But I am ok now, and back to my normal routine, bothering my husband in taking pictures again 🙂


This outfit was taken yesterday. We went out to eat for lunch. I guess I am not yet good at explaining  about a certain outfit on how I am able to pull it off so I won’t try explaining it to you here. My motto: Be comfortable, accessorize simply and beautifully. The confidence will follow!


Hope you enjoyed my little post guys. See you again next time! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “In Turquoise and Burgundy!

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