Sunlight in my Face!


Hi! I woke up late today because I had spent the whole night last night shopping online. But I ended up purchasing nothing. Zero. I woke up today thinking what a waste of time that was! So I hurried up to take a shower and ran to my closet, digging up clothes that I haven’t even worn yet. And I ended up trying this timing piece I got from Amazon a few months ago. I looked at the backyard, the grass starting to grow back and the little yellow grass flowers are now showing a little bit too. So okay, camera ready, let’s try a pose. Another pose. And another same pose. LOL! It felt good to feel the sunlight in my face. It gives me a familiar morning scenario back in the Philippines, when in the morning, 90% at all times, the sun is showing unless of course if the weather is bad.



My outfit, Timing Dress from Amazon, The webster cardigan from Target. I hope you enjoyed this post. See you again next time, fabulous people!

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One thought on “Sunlight in my Face!

  1. Same here sis. Sometimes browsing online stores then wala naman din nabibili…wasting time lang. 🙂 Anyway, nice photos sis. 🙂


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