Paradise in the Desert!


Hello again fabulous people! Today was in the 50’s, back to the chilly kind of weather again but the sun was showing making it, “okay weather ” for me. The husband asked me to follow him at the car shop where he dropped his car for some oil change but then, told me beforehand, we are going to have a lunch date somewhere. Somewhere!


And you know, as usual, I said okay, let me dress up and even if it was kind of chilly, I still opted for a dress, put on a red jacket and some heels. I didn’t know exactly where we were going. And when we arrived at the place, I was like, ohhh! It was kind of a smaller city within a city. He brought me to this breath taking place, the Oasis of Texas! And for someone who lives an hour away from Austin, it was already an amazing date for me because all you see in my city are trees and houses. LOL!


So before going in, here I am again, taking pictures for my blog. Camera ready, prepare the flash!




So this is the restaurant, on top of the hill. Overlooking Lake Travis. Isn’t it gorgeous? It was 3 pm when we arrived so the area wasn’t crowded and I am wondering if it ever gets really crowded because it’s huge.



I wanted to wait for the sunset but the husband wanted to beat the rush hour and it was really chilly up there especially if the wind was blowing although there were heater lamps all around. I thought it would be so romantic to watch the sunset with your loved one and sipping a perfect margarita in a chilly twilight.


It was not a lot of food choices in the menu though. I think they could have done better with the food. I chose to order some chicken and beef fajita and husband chose the grilled red fish. The taste was ok. It was nothing extra ordinary.


I still love the view regardless. 🙂 I hope you too guys. See you again on my next post. Have a good night!

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