Surviving in the USA!




Hi everyone! I would like to steal a few seconds of your time reading this post. So now, I would like to introduce myself formally. I am Rhea and I came from the Philippines. A year and 5 months ago, I moved from my country to live with my husband here in the United States. Living away from my family is the hardest part in the first few months. I didn’t know how to drive, didn’t have friends, didn’t have a job. I was basically and totally dependent on my husband. So there were times when I was so frustrated, depressed and lonely. It was a consecutive 2 months that I was missing my country terribly. I said to myself, that wasn’t me. I am undeniably a happy person all the time. I needed to get my driver’s license real soon and know my way around. And I did! So for all the new immigrants in the USA who are hoping to get their driver’s license one day, I have some things to say to you.

1. Get your driver’s manual. Read it. Read it again. And again!

2. Understand the rules of the road. Then, get your student permit.

3. Don’t be upset if you feel scared to get on the wheels the first time. It’s normal.

4. Practice with someone who is authorized to be in the car with you or with your husband. Don’t feel bad if he yells at you because it takes you forever to know how to parallel park.

5. Practice again. Don’t give up until you become comfortable and ready to take your practical exam.





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