A Perfect Date!


Hello guys! How are you doing today? Fabulous I hope! Inspite of the gloomy day today, husband and I managed to keep it busy and fabulous! First, I’ve got to tell you I went to work this morning only to find out I was an extra so I had to go home. Husband had been thinking of bringing me to an authentic german restaurant so I told him that one of my workmates mentioned to me about this little German restaurant about 20 minutes away from where we stay. I immediately looked it up online and read reviews about it and it was like 95% of the people who had been there were satisfied and happy about the food and the service. So since we hadn’t had lunch yet, we decided to go there for a late lunch. It was my first time to eat in a real authentic German Restaurant and I was happy I tried. It was delicious!


For my outfit today, I always wanted to be ladylike everytime I am with my husband. I always consider it as a perfect date everytime we go out! So even if I would love to choose a pair of pants, I still would end up wearing a skirt, or a dress. Most of the time and it’s obvious from my posts anyway. 🙂 I am wearing a top I got from 5.99 store, it’s actually a bodycon dress but since I couldn’t get out in a broad day light wearing it and look like a “h–chie” especially that I am with my husband, I had to wear a pleated skirt from Ann Taylor and paired it with a pair of black shoes from Pulse. It all worked out. The only thing that showing now is the sexy open design at the back instead of my thighs.


And this is the name of the German Resto! German Imbiss! I took a few photos of the outside and the food that we ordered. Check it out guys! If I have readers out there who are close to my area and they want to check out this place, it’s along East Avenue D, Copperas Cove in Central Texas. My husband who had spent 2 years of military service in Germany said that everything about the restaurant is German. It was quiet inside the resto and you could hear a German song playing. And the food was fantastic!



This was my husband’s choice. Jager Schnitzel in brown creamy gravy with mushrooms and potato salad on the side. It was delicious!


This was mine. Cordon Bleu (Ham and Swiss Cheese Stuffed in Breaded Pork Cuttlet) with potato salad on the side. It  was so tasty and the serving was huge. So we were now stuffed and happy with the outcome of our little adventure date we agreed to check out the movies next. And here comes Olympus has fallen.


This is my first time to try to give a review about a movie. It was pretty cool. Both husband and I enjoyed it so much.  I would rate the movie at 4.5 at the scale of 1-5. It was a very exciting movie from the beginning til the end. Ashley Judd was there and I wished I could have seen  more of her in the movie because I wanted to see more of her sophisticated looks but she got killed right at the very start. But regardless, Morgan Freeman was there and he is one of my favorite great actors so it all came out good for me. And if a movie wouldn’t make me yawn and wouldn’t put me to sleep it’s pretty good. You should check it out yourself to find out what I am talking about. 😉 (Photo source: Google)


Gerard Butler! Hmm, what can I say about him? Hot! Hot without even trying….lol! But of course my date was still the hottest. So okay guys, that’s all for now. Got to go to bed. I hope you enjoyed this post. See you again later! Have a good night! (Photo source: google)

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