How to Maintain “New Things” in Your Closet Without Breaking the Bank!





So you have what it takes to fashion blog? What about new clothes and shoes that you could use everyday or everyweek to have an outfit post? Or even if you are not fashion blogging, just someone who is merely addicted to see a lot of new things in her closet. Do you have the money to support this “habit”? Or is this making you broke? Well, here are some few tips on how I support my so called “addiction” without making me broke. I hope it helps because I am just like you before, struggling to balance out my expenses for clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. Now, not no more 🙂

1. First, find out what you can and can’t afford. High end clothes, purses and shoes that are way beyond your budget, eliminate them from the things that you need. You don’t need them, you want them. Put them at the back burner. They will be ok until you can afford them.

2. Always hunt for sales and deals. There are plenty of online stores out there that offer deals almost everyday and to top it all, look for the ” FREE Shipping”.

3. Investigate your closet. Take a look at things that still look excellent but you don’t use or you don’t need anymore. Sell them. In this way, you can have some money to spend for things that you need most. Sell them on Ebay (, on Listia ( or even on Poshmark ( I am sure these are only a  few of the many sites out there where you can sell and even trade your stuffs to other people.

4. Don’t forget the malls near you. And go through stores’ clearances. Most of the time, if you are a real sale hunter, you will get out of the mall with a big smile on your face like you just hit a home run.

5. Visit Thrift Stores. You will find things there that you might have been looking for a long time for a very cheap price.

I hope it helps guys. Being a fashionista doesn’t always mean “Keeping up with the Kardashians”. It also means keeping up with your own budget and looking good for less.

Cost of my whole outfit: $49.92

Breakdown: Fedora hat (Burlington) ………………         $3.99

Steve Madden Sunnies   ………..                      $9.00

Loose Sweater Top (Burlington)………..       $6.95

Body Central Skirt (Body Central)…….        $3.99

Knee High Socks (Burlington)  ……….          $1.99

Liliana Strappy Heels (Burlington)……..     $24.00

Til next time guys. I hope you enjoyed this post. Have a goodnight 🙂

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4 thoughts on “How to Maintain “New Things” in Your Closet Without Breaking the Bank!

  1. I like buying on sales, thrift and swap cloth. Being a blogger doesnt mean you have to go broke.

  2. I love your sweater! But yeah, I agree with what you said above.

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