How did you Spend your Monday?



Hi! Lastnight I had to work til late and my body was just sore to get up early in the morning. But my “little mess” of friends called me up and invited me for a lunch out.  How could I say “no”! I just love them! I planned to spend my day in the bed, just in the house, watching TV, laying in the couch just being lazy. It’s like how the song goes, “and then you called me, and it’s not so bad…’s not so bad!”

I wore heels today! Oh yeah I did!. LOL! You know why I mentioned it? Because I ended up being the designated driver of the group and it was my first time to wear heels while driving. And I am so proud of myself. I made it! LOL! Now I knew that it’s not so hard driving in heels at all. :))

My outfit for today just a simple black and white combination with a little twist of colors with my bag, jacket and belt. My pants, I got them from Burlington for $3.99, and my lace top from forever21 which was also on sale for $5.99. And my retro cat’s eye sunglasses, HOT! It’s a statement piece and I love it!

Hope you enjoyed today’s post guys. And by the way, how did you spend your Monday?

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One thought on “How did you Spend your Monday?

  1. My yesteday was marvelus nd great,bcs a friend of my call me wt a news dat her lovely wife give bath a babby boy,

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