Where Do You Want Your Fashion To Take You?




I want my fashion to take me to the creative nerves in my mind and to the happiest veins in my heart that I haven’t discovered yet – Rhea Taylor

Hello fabulous people! Lastnight, I spent my time visiting plenty of blogs. Even if I had to work in the morning, I didn’t sleep til 3 am because I was so amazed of how many creative and brilliant people all over the world are sharing their ideas and knowledge through blogging. It is so overwhelming to me. I haven’t heard of blogging til I was 26. Yeah. It might sound ridiculous, like which part of the world I was from and I didn’t hear of it. But really, I wish I knew about this when I was 17, LOL! When I was a lot younger and I was about 95 lbs. Haha! I guess it’s not the point though, because blogging has no age limit and of course it has no weight limit too. It’s just that, where was I during all those years? I tell you what, I still remember where I was. I was that little girl, witty and ambitious, living in the far south of the Philippines, sewing her clothes with her bare hands, designing her skirts and watching her tailor neighbor in awe while she did all the neat stuffs in machine sewing. I knew back then, I have this passion in sewing, in designing something, but I didn’t know exactly what it was, I didn’t know where it was gonna take me.

What about you guys, do you know where your fashion gonna take you? Or should I say, where do you want it to take you?

My outfit for today, DIY off the shoulder flowery top, thrifted maxi skirt, super black retro sunnies, fashion purse from amazon, DIY earrings, belt from Ebay.

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