The Bike I Never Had!




Hi! Happy Friday Fashionistas! This post is dedicated to everyone who growing up didn’t have a bike or who was scared to get on a bike. As for me, growing up in the Philippines, a bike when I was young was like too expensive for my parents to buy. So I never owned one. I knew I learned how to ride a bike from my male cousin who used to sleepover in our house. I got bruises and scratches from hitting a pole or tumbling down while practicing. But the point is, I learned even if I didn’t have my own bike. And now that I can already afford it, it’s like reminiscing those days when I was young, when I used to cry because I really wanted to have one. It makes me smile just thinking about it 🙂

My outfit for today, Old Navy Spring Punch Maxi Dress, Forever21 Flats, Superdark Retro Sunnies I got from Amazon and my  bangles from Zenufashion and DIY headpiece.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. See you again next time.


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5 thoughts on “The Bike I Never Had!

  1. great dress! I did have a bike but it was stolen out of my yard…

  2. I love your maxi dress…and your new bike 😉
    xo Natasha

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