My Blog Is My Baby!





I have never been so determined to take pictures and think of ideas until I started blogging. Now I can say, I have something worthwhile to spend my free time – Rhea Taylor

Hello there! Has it ever occured to you one morning when you woke up, you are just excited to do something that you really love. This is what fashion blogging has done to me. Although it’s not a job, but it’s more than a job. I guess I am just a frustrated writer, or I am just in love with playing dress up. And I want to give a 100% of my free time to it. Like if I am not at work, I am sewing, I am taking pictures and I am writing, I am thinking of ideas. I feel that I am productive in my supposed to be idle time.

I guess I would like to suggest blogging to my fellow filipinas especially  to those who just got here in the United States. I knew it’s hard in the first few months especially if you can’t drive and work yet, try to divert your attention to something like blogging, or taking photos, even just at your backyard. You will feel a day has gone by so fast and you want to look forward to the next day when you can share your photos and ideas to your family, to your friends and even to people around the world.

My outfit, spring flower dress (old) I brought from the Philippines, leg warmers from Payless.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend fabulous people! See you next time 🙂




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3 thoughts on “My Blog Is My Baby!

  1. I totally get your point : I’m thinking about my blog almost 24 hours each day ! Love your pretty dress !

  2. Thank you so much for the follow ! All my best fashionable greetings from Marseille, France !

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