From the House to the Meadows!




Hey! You know what day is today? It’s the start of my 10-days vacation from work. Yay! And it’s my husband’s too. So I am ecstatic! There are a lot of things in my mind that I want to do and that I need to accomplish. Lastnight, I was like grabbing a notepad and writing down those things. But let’s start with posting pictures that we took yesterday before going out for lunch. I have this outfit for awhile now, my top was actually a dress I cut and altered into a top because it didn’t look right for a dress and my skirt was like a size 10 I got from the thrift store so I had to alter it first too before wearing it. Well, my husband said, I always find a way to make a dress work and that’s really my goal eversince, to be innovative in fashion. It feels great to see stuffs that you altered and made yourself and you actually wear them because they are wearable now.

Fashion Lesson for Today: Always be Innovative!

Hope you guys have a wonderful Monday and a fruitful week ahead.




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One thought on “From the House to the Meadows!

  1. Great job on the alterations. I love the skirt! 😉

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