Vacation Diary – Day 1


Hello fabulous people! Didn’t I tell you I have so many things in mind to do because it’s the start of my vacation leave from work today? Well, I just started doing one of those things. Picture taking and more picture taking. LOL! Today, the husband and I went to Austin to check out Forever21 at Ezperanza Crossing as well as to eat in a seafood restaurant which we did not really know where. It was kind of disappointing at Forever21 though because I didn’t buy anything although they have a lot of cute clothes. The frugal and reasonable mind kicked in, I could get those clothes online for cheaper prices whenever stores go on sale. So I decided to just look around and didn’t buy anything at all which made my husband happy and proud of me. Haha!


We dropped by downtown for a hot minute just to take some pics. It was disappointing too, haha, because the wind started blowing which is evident in my skirt (swingyskirt that is!) and looked like the rain was getting ready to pour down when we got there. But even so, we still managed to take a few pics, quick, fast and in a hurry.




And after taking pics we got hungry of course, we searched google for the nearest seafood restaurant and it led us to Pappadeaux! It was my first time to eat in the restaurant and it was fantastic! The food was excellent and comes in real huge servings.


This was mine, Pan Seared Trout with Rice Risotto. Delicioso!


This was my husband’s because he is a catfish fan. Grilled catfish in whatever they put in it and it was so good.


So today was fabulous! After dinner, one last pic before we headed back home.

My outfit, Forever21 Lace top given to me by a friend in California (thank you so much) and I love it, lace skirt – I got from Burlington in my latest buys, Purse from Amazon and Wedge Booties from Forever21.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post fabulous people! See you again tomorrow 🙂 Have a good one!


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