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Something that Glitters!


Hello guys! I am just trying on a dress I bought from Rue21 some months ago which I haven’t worn to any occasion. Tsk! The dress still got the original tag on it and I just decided to sell it on ebay and fortunately, it had already been sold. A little money for me to buy something else later. LOL! Well, I think the dress looks so cute and pretty for a simple cocktail look. Someone who had bought it on ebay could wear it to something like going out clubbing with her girlfriends or even to anniversary celebration with a husband or a fiancé.

I hope you guys have a goodnight. See you on my next post.



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DIY (Design your own Shoes)



Hello there guys! This is a DIY of designing your own shoes. At the last photo, I had these blue ballerina flat shoes that I wore during a vacation in Colorado sometime last year. The photo was taken at the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. Well anyway, I am so fond of buying inexpensive/cute items at the last minute during holidays or vacation get away and this pair of shoes is a classic example. So you see, I was climbing on top of the rocks just to take pictures and walking on rough surfaces at the Garden of the Gods and my shoes almost gave up on me. LOL! I saw that the skin of the shoes were about to come off and I was so disappointed because I love them, they are so cute and comfortable. My wonderful husband kept laughing at me and said, take them off and throw them away. That’s what you get from being “cheap”! (haha) But I refused! Oh my goodness, I know I had to do something. And here it is! The creative mind worked and for some months I was still able to enjoy my shoes and wherever I went, people were asking where I got them shoes. When I said, I designed them. They were like, NO WAY! But I say, YES WAY!

I hope you guys enjoy this post! See you on my next one….



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Where are the blue bonnets this spring?

Where are the blue bonnets this spring?

Hello guys. How have you been? Me, still doing fabulous. I just didn’t have some posts for about a week now. But as I was looking at some old pics, i found this photo of me last year in the middle of the blue bonnets on top of a hill. Oh I missed these pretty little wild flowers! Why I couldn’t find them this year? Blue bonnets, blue bonnets…..I am hoping you will come back next year 🙂

Have a goodnight fabulous people. See you next time.


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C’mon Spring and Summer, Bring It On!


You see Texas, I came from a tropical country (the Philippines), I miss wearing summer dresses all the time when I was there. LOL! So as spring is almost over and summer is on its way, I say, bring it on! I don’t mind you being hot at all, because I know you will still be hot whether I like it or not, right Texas?

Yesterday was another perfect day to spend time with good friends. But before them, I spent time with my wonderful husband first. Just shopping a little and walking around the PX mall looking for little stuffs. My outfit was the perfect outfit to do it. Very comfortable, springy and summery. I chose these cute shoes to pair with this hi-lo flowery dress instead of wearing open strappy sandals because I think its color and how delicate it looks in person goes well with the dress plus it is almost the same color as my fedora.

Well here some facts about my outfit: Hi-lo dress from Rainbow (local store) Fedora (Rainbow) Baroque Sunnies (Amazon) Purse (Thrifted) Shoes (Thrifted) Earrings (Maurices) Necklace (Sneakpeeq)

I hope you guys have a wonderful day. See you later! Muah!



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I’m a hitchhiker, will you give me a ride?


Hello guys! I have missed you. I was wandering for a couple of days, got busy, but am never lost.

The post is the idea of my good friend (Jona) who was with me today at the park, taking photos, breathing less hotter air than in any other part of Texas (lol), chatting, laughing and eating as always. Thank you (ate) for the photos, and even if we can’t take photos at all, we always have a good time.

First time I got to the United States, I saw people on the road wanting to have a hitchhike. They sometimes have real huge backpacks like everything they own is in there. I couldn’t help it but feel bad for them. Until now, I still ask my husband, will you give him a ride? You know I am kidding, right? Coz his answer is, HECK NO! I would smile and say, I know. But even if I knew we wouldn’t give any hitchhiker a ride, I am always left with a question, what if it was me, what if it was my husband, would somebody give us a ride? Is there still a place in the world where this kind of thing is easier to do? Maybe there is….maybe (which I am hoping, both hitchhiker and the Samaritan driver respect and return each other’s kindness).

My outfit, lace hi-lo top from Burlington, 7 for all mankind distressed jeans, Dolce Vita Animal Print Loafers, Guess Watch, Tommy Hilfiger bucket purse, earrings from Amazon.


You guys have a goodnight. See yah!



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The Rocker Chic!


I have this outfit kept in my closet for awhile. As much as I love fashion, my husband drives me away from wearing stuffs which he considers as “grunge fashion”, distressed jeans, big buckles, layered metal accessories, heavy patches and the like. Today, the husband is not at home and I’ve got nothing to do, so I took a few photos of the outfit. I guess it’s not bad, is it? Hehe. I think I could wear them separately with the shirt having paired with some plain shorts and lace up boots, while the pants could be worn with some plain white tank top and the lace up boots, thinking it’s going to be a better outfit than this one. But, for me, it’s not fashion if you won’t try it 🙂 There is trial and error in almost everything, fashion is of no exemption.

Have a goodnight fabulous!




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Along the road, there is always a Wrong Way…


In life, you always have to start the journey somewhere. You are eager, impulsive and young, and inexperienced. You think because of the pretty things you have seen along the way, it’s the right way you are taking. But life, although it doesn’t tell you with a BIG SIGN “WRONG WAY AND DO NOT ENTER”, it’s like a road, it’s a road,  there is always a wrong way, somehow, somewhere. And no matter how much you dislike it, most of the time, you ended up being LOST.

You need to find the nearest shed, take a rest for awhile, take a deep breath, relax, think twice, think many times, decide what’s your next step, and if you can’t decide, you close your eyes, and you PRAY. By the moment you open your eyes again, you will find the right way. Just get up, smile and be ready to walk and continue the journey again.

Dedicated to my siblings in the Philippines…



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Wishing I’m Seventeen….Again!


Attached to the age are life’s experiences, good or bad, are yours forever and they will never be changed.  I always hear the statement, “if only I could turn back time”, and I guess I have used the same statement before. These things you are not supposed to regret because no matter what happened, it gave you a lesson. But sometimes, YOU can’t help it but look back at those times, like you are “seventeen” again….


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Exotic Sunshine!


At the moment of my insanity about fashion, I found a different kind of happiness. And I think, that’s one of the sanest feelings I have ever felt – Rhea Taylor

Thank you (Juliet Wilson) for all these wonderful photos, 🙂

I have nothing else to say guys. See you on my next post.



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Looking for Balance….


I saw those shoes online and I wondered, would I be able to walk  in them? Worst, would I even be able to stand with them? When I tried them on, tried to walk in them, I realized, there is some truth to this, living in fashion has its price.

To my wonderful friend/my part-time photographer (lol) thank you so much for these photos, thank you for the fun and for sharing my suffering while walking on these shoes yesterday. It was horrible! Haha! These shoes are not meant for walking that’s why, they are the cutest but they are only meant for photos.

I hope you guys enjoy this post. Have a good one 🙂


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