Vacation Diary – Day 3


Sometimes in my life, I imagined to be a goddess.

I imagined to be in control of the flowers and the nature and its spectacular beauty.

I imagined to be dancing in the wind while the petals are swinging me.

I imagined to be running in the wilderness but I will never be lost because it’s my territory. (Rhea Taylor)


Hello there! Yesterday, the husband and I drove to the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden. It was 2 hours and a half drive from home but when we got there everything was worth it. Didn’t I tell you, I long to see flowers, a lot of flowers like I have just seen them on magazines and TV. This was my wish that come true. LOL! Oh boy, I am not so hard to please I am telling you. I saw the flowers and the trees and I was like rejuvenated. I kept thanking my husband for a wonderful date. And he kept laughing because he saw that I was like a kid in a candy store.





My outfit, Old Navy Denim Vest, Dress (Thrifted), Lace up boots from Violet(local store), Purse from Wetseal, Michael Kors Watch, My headpiece from Claire’s, Sunglasses from Rainbow(local store) and my necklace is DIY.

I hope you enjoyed this post fabulous people. See you on my next one. Muah!


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2 thoughts on “Vacation Diary – Day 3

  1. Jade Herrera

    Love your dress. Its so pretty 🙂

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