I’ll Bring You to Seaworld San Anton!


Hi guys! How are you? How’s everything going after a day that I wasn’t able to blog because my schedule was so hectic and no time to upload the photos and say hi to y’all. Well, husband and I went to SeaWorld San Antonio yesterday. It’s 2 hours and a half drive from home so you know I wasn’t the one driving but the husband. LOL! I have some photos for you, check them out…Have a little tour at SeaWorld San Antonio!


Hey, you recognized those boots? How could you not? Haha! I kept wearing them like they are the only shoes I got. I have like 3 successive posts of them. But can you blame me? They are so comfy and stylish and they go with everything I wear. Now, my dress, is a Tommy Hilfiger I found in Burlington for a very cheap price, $7.00, can you believe that? To create a cinch on the dress, I used this blue braided belt which I found in one of my dresses that I haven’t even used yet. And then, my purse is also a Tommy Hilfiger I bought from a flea market a long time ago. My fedora hat from Rainbow as well as my sunglasses.





Take a look at the roller coaster. I imagined myself as one of those people and I was holding my breath as they dropped in the second photo. LOL!


This is where they went up and went down crazily. I have been in the Space Mountain in the Disneyworld but it was so dark I didn’t know how crazy was the drop but this one made me scream too just by looking at it.


Would you dare to ride? LOL!


SHAMU! The cutest baby in the water! It was a perfect show what he did. When he was splashing water to the people in the bleachers, I was running up so I couldn’t get wet. Haha! Bad baby!


So sweet! I envied this girl. Hehe! I wanted to kiss and hug this baby too and even ride him in the water.

Did you enjoy your little tour in SeaWorld San Antonio? I hope you did.

Have a good night fabulous! See you on my next post. Muah!



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