Along the road, there is always a Wrong Way…


In life, you always have to start the journey somewhere. You are eager, impulsive and young, and inexperienced. You think because of the pretty things you have seen along the way, it’s the right way you are taking. But life, although it doesn’t tell you with a BIG SIGN “WRONG WAY AND DO NOT ENTER”, it’s like a road, it’s a road,  there is always a wrong way, somehow, somewhere. And no matter how much you dislike it, most of the time, you ended up being LOST.

You need to find the nearest shed, take a rest for awhile, take a deep breath, relax, think twice, think many times, decide what’s your next step, and if you can’t decide, you close your eyes, and you PRAY. By the moment you open your eyes again, you will find the right way. Just get up, smile and be ready to walk and continue the journey again.

Dedicated to my siblings in the Philippines…



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10 thoughts on “Along the road, there is always a Wrong Way…

  1. nice team mate , like na like ko ang sunglass mo prada ata sya

  2. hahhaa prada right?

  3. atik hahahhaa i love it fashionista jud ka ba whewwww

  4. diko kabalo lagi mao nay problema haha

    • nah, you will learn. hehe…hinay hinay lang ba, it helps baya team mate, it helps escape boredom., it helps develop our fashion and share it to other people 🙂

  5. Hi Rhea,

    I must say you have an inspiring and honest write up for your About section.

    I am truly happy that you’re living a good life in the United States with your wonderful husband. I commend you for using this blog as a medium for expressing your passion for fashion and a means to strive excellence for English.


    • Thank you 🙂 It means a lot to me what you just said. You have a very beautiful blog yourself. Thank you for liking one of my posts, if not I would not have found you, maybe. I miss the Philippines so much and your blog is exactly what I am looking for to ease away my loneliness everytime I miss the country. Just followed you 🙂

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