The Rocker Chic!


I have this outfit kept in my closet for awhile. As much as I love fashion, my husband drives me away from wearing stuffs which he considers as “grunge fashion”, distressed jeans, big buckles, layered metal accessories, heavy patches and the like. Today, the husband is not at home and I’ve got nothing to do, so I took a few photos of the outfit. I guess it’s not bad, is it? Hehe. I think I could wear them separately with the shirt having paired with some plain shorts and lace up boots, while the pants could be worn with some plain white tank top and the lace up boots, thinking it’s going to be a better outfit than this one. But, for me, it’s not fashion if you won’t try it 🙂 There is trial and error in almost everything, fashion is of no exemption.

Have a goodnight fabulous!




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2 thoughts on “The Rocker Chic!

  1. Renard Moreau

    [ Smiles ] Great photo!

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