C’mon Spring and Summer, Bring It On!


You see Texas, I came from a tropical country (the Philippines), I miss wearing summer dresses all the time when I was there. LOL! So as spring is almost over and summer is on its way, I say, bring it on! I don’t mind you being hot at all, because I know you will still be hot whether I like it or not, right Texas?

Yesterday was another perfect day to spend time with good friends. But before them, I spent time with my wonderful husband first. Just shopping a little and walking around the PX mall looking for little stuffs. My outfit was the perfect outfit to do it. Very comfortable, springy and summery. I chose these cute shoes to pair with this hi-lo flowery dress instead of wearing open strappy sandals because I think its color and how delicate it looks in person goes well with the dress plus it is almost the same color as my fedora.

Well here some facts about my outfit: Hi-lo dress from Rainbow (local store) Fedora (Rainbow) Baroque Sunnies (Amazon) Purse (Thrifted) Shoes (Thrifted) Earrings (Maurices) Necklace (Sneakpeeq)

I hope you guys have a wonderful day. See you later! Muah!



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2 thoughts on “C’mon Spring and Summer, Bring It On!

  1. Jade Herrera

    Whoa! You’re from the Philippines? That’s great! You look good in that summer dress. Do you miss the weather here in the Philippines? I know we don’t have the four seasons here but I like the thought that spring and summer is kind of mixed together in our country 🙂

    • Hi jade! Yes, I just got here in the states about a year and a half ago. And heck yah, when it’s winter time here i miss the Philippines so bad. Lol! When it’s summer here too, I still miss the Philippines so bad because it’s too hot in Texas. Enjoy ur summer jade. Will be looking forward to more of your posts.

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