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The feel of grass on my feet……







Hello there! How are you fashionistas all over the world? Great I hope. You stay fabulous and happy, I would love it that way ūüôā Tonight, as I am posting these photos that were taken yesterday during a picnic with some wonderful¬†friends, I felt alive and happy, the photos were taken spontaneously because we were just having a great fun.¬†I¬†chose¬†these blue ensembles because first, I love blue,¬†then I added colors by throwing on my¬†scarf cardigan cover up because¬†for me it defines my¬†general idea of a perfect picnic, fun, colorful, lots of smiles and¬†laughter. But the reason why I chose¬†the title,¬†“the feel of grass on my feet”¬†because of how I turned out to be barefoot on a¬†lot of photos. For me, my outfit for the day was vibrant, young and colorful and it makes me feel like a child, walking, running, and¬†turning around on the grass.

On my next post, allow me to post some photos of my friends on the said picnic, the happiness we shared and the quirkiness of each and everyone that made the picnic a whole lot of fun.

How about you guys? Have you had a perfect picnic with friends?



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I’ll Bring You to Seaworld San Anton!


Hi guys! How are you? How’s everything going after a day that I wasn’t able to blog because my schedule was¬†so hectic and no time to upload the photos and say hi to y’all. Well, husband and I went to SeaWorld San Antonio yesterday. It’s 2 hours and a half drive from home so you know I wasn’t the one driving but the husband. LOL! I have some photos for you, check them out…Have a little tour at SeaWorld San Antonio!


Hey, you recognized those boots? How could you not? Haha! I kept wearing them like they are the only shoes I got. I have like 3 successive posts of them. But can you blame me? They are so comfy and stylish and they go with everything I wear. Now, my dress, is a Tommy Hilfiger I found in Burlington for a very cheap price, $7.00, can you believe that? To create a cinch on the dress, I used this blue braided belt which I found in one of my dresses that I haven’t even used yet. And then,¬†my purse is also a¬†Tommy Hilfiger I bought¬†from a¬†flea market a long time ago.¬†My¬†fedora hat from Rainbow as well as my¬†sunglasses.





Take a look at the roller coaster. I imagined myself as one of those people and I was holding my breath as they dropped in the second photo. LOL!


This is where they went up and went down crazily. I have been in the Space Mountain in the Disneyworld but it was so dark I didn’t know how crazy was the drop but this one made me scream too just by looking at it.


Would you dare to ride? LOL!


SHAMU! The cutest baby in the water! It was a perfect show what he did. When he was splashing water to the people in the bleachers, I was running up so I couldn’t get wet. Haha! Bad baby!


So sweet! I envied this girl. Hehe! I wanted to kiss and hug this baby too and even ride him in the water.

Did you enjoy your little tour in SeaWorld San Antonio? I hope you did.

Have a good night fabulous! See you on my next post. Muah!



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Lost in Oblivion….




Sometimes I am in deep thoughts, you can’t fathom what I am thinking about. I call it lost in oblivion. – Rhea Taylor

This is Vacation Diary – Day 5. But I don’t wanna bore you with the story so I made a different title to the post which I think is well-suited to the photos. Thank you so much to my wonderful friend who took the photos. (love, love and we need to practice some more, lol!)

I won’t try to explain my outfit because I think it’s very simple. Haha! I took the nerd-looking glasses for a change, still the same lace up boots that I have been wearing the past 2 days because I am in love with it and the same purse still because it matches the boots and I am also in love with it, forever21 pants, and my sweater I brought from the Philippines which I love. I think it gives update to the whole outfit. It was a little chilly today so I guess that explains it why I am wearing all of these pieces.

So what do you think guys? Have you been lost in oblivion? I see you on my next post. Ciao!


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Vacation Diary – Day 4


Back to coats and scarves today. Why? ¬†Because, it was unbelievably cold. The temperature was in the 40’s and the wind chill in the 30’s. Husband and I decided to watch a movie today and this is outfit of the day. Lace up boots, candy leggings, coat by Guess given to me by my sister in law and my ruffled scarf, I was warm enough to get through the day.


I hope you enjoyed this little post. Oh by the way, we watched Oblivion. And I would rate the movie, 4.5 at the scale of 1-5, 5 being the highest.

Have a goodnight fabulous! See you on my next post.



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Vacation Diary – Day 3


Sometimes in my life, I imagined to be a goddess.

I imagined to be in control of the flowers and the nature and its spectacular beauty.

I imagined to be dancing in the wind while the petals are swinging me.

I imagined to be running in the wilderness but I will never¬†be lost because it’s my territory. (Rhea Taylor)


Hello there! Yesterday, the husband and I drove to the¬†Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden. It was 2 hours and a half drive from home but when we got there everything was worth it. Didn’t I tell you, I long to see flowers, a lot of flowers like I have just seen them on magazines and TV. This was my wish that come true. LOL! Oh boy, I am not so hard to please I am telling you. I saw the flowers and the trees and I was like rejuvenated. I kept thanking my husband for a wonderful date. And he kept laughing because he saw that I was like a kid in¬†a candy store.





My outfit, Old Navy Denim Vest, Dress (Thrifted), Lace up boots from Violet(local store), Purse from Wetseal, Michael Kors Watch, My headpiece from Claire’s, Sunglasses from Rainbow(local store) and my necklace is DIY.

I hope you enjoyed this post fabulous people. See you on my next one. Muah!


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Vacation Diary – Day 2


Hi! Today was a little shopping day with my husband and a¬†park day with my friend and her kiddos. It’s been a busy but very exciting day! I decided to wear my most comfortable flats and a cutie dress that is given to me by a wonderful friend in California. (To my wonderful friend, here’s another one of your cutie clothes. Thanks and Love u!)



Today, I realized, how much I miss not working. LOL! Just enjoying my time with my husband and driving around. But hey, I can’t be a bum!¬†(Hehe)¬†So I will just enjoy my time while I am having this wonderful vacation leave from work. I realized how much I miss my nieces and nephews too back in the Philippines, I wish I can spend time with you little people like you are close to me because every time I see bunch of kids playing in the park, it reminds me of you all.

I hope you guys enjoy this post. See you again on my next one ūüôā



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