Be Nauti-Cal!


Good morning fabulous fashionistas! So okay, I woke up so early today which is very unusual. I am never an early bird but let see what we can do this early morning starting with my blog. (I am grinning!)

I wore this outfit yesterday to go out shopping with one of my girl friends. The nautical look! Stripes, white, red and blue. I have been looking for a striped dress but I couldn’t find one that really flatters my figure in order for me to make a post about doing the nautical look. Maybe because I am too choosy when it comes to stripes. You see, I don’t have a lot of stripes, I am scared of horizontal stripes in particular. Haha! But that could change. While this outfit is so laid back, I was just having a good time helping my friend doing her summer clothes shopping and doing a little bit of mine too.

Okay guys, you have a happy weekend. I hope you enjoy my little post. See you all again on my next one.



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4 thoughts on “Be Nauti-Cal!

  1. You did well team mate very classy simple and sophisticated…love it

  2. Team mate ganahan kau kos imong introduction ay nga post maka relate ma sad ko hehehe nice kau ka mo deliver sa imong mga words…..

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