Do you buy the shoes because they are……?

Do you buy the shoes because they are......?

Cute, edgy, unique, sexy, fashionable, stylish? I noticed, whenever I buy one, I failed to consider now if they are comfortable. I just realized they are not whenever I get home and I couldn’t even walk on them. Tsk! Fashion has certainly taught us so many things to look better, but wearing the most comfortable shoes are sometimes neglected. These shoes are a classic example. Yes, they are so cute, stylish and edgy, but they are not made for walking. True, I am a fashionista, but I am not a fashion model, I don’t buy shoes just to wear them once for a photo shoot. So for these babies, I have to think what to do with them 🙂

Have a goodnight fabulous! See you around….



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4 thoughts on “Do you buy the shoes because they are……?

  1. Yep I buy for unique style and to work an old outfit. I did purchased 5 pairs of shoes this week end (ooppps) but as you said I’m not a model and will wear them more than once!

    • Right. Hehe…..and whoa, 5 pairs? Wow! That’s a lot. Well, anyway. I hope you enjoy them though. And thanks for checking my blog. Will check yours 🙂

  2. These are very cool looking heels. I love the design. I say wear them around the house and perhaps they will become comfortable. At least one can only hope… 😉

    • I know right. I have tried walking in them and they just wouldn’t work for me. Lol! But I love them. They are so cool at least when I just look at them. Hehe. Thanks for checking my blog. 🙂

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