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The Tea Party…..

The Tea Party.....

Happy Sunday fashionistas! This was taken during a tea party with friends a few days ago. It was awesome but so little time to enjoy. We started too late and we had to end the party early because my girlfriends’ kiddos still had to go to school the next day. But anyhow, I will still grade the party a 4 at the scale of 1-5, 5 being the highest.

I wore a forever21 dress that I have kept in the closet for a while still got its tag on it because I had been hesitant to wear it. The floppy hat is just an additional drama because of the “tea party” idea which in honest truth, I haven’t attended any before. Lol! I guess I could have researched but anyway, everyone looked wonderful in our little tea party outfits.

I wish you guys have a wonderful Sunday! See you on my next post. And more photos!


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Polka Dots in Brown!


Hi fashionistas! How have you been doing? Great I hope. First, I wanted to say thank you to y’all for always being there in spite of me being gone for how many days. I can see readers now and followers, it means, I am not the only one visiting and viewing my blog now. LOL! Thank you very much.

This outfit was worn at a lunch out with my husband of course. This was a gift to me by my sister-in-law and I remember I have it in the closet for awhile now and I also remember how cute they were and comfy when I first fitted them. So I could not imagine why I had almost forgotten it but I figured out the material of this pair is so light and since my closet is so full of “junks” as what my husband calls it which I really need to fix soon, it was stuck in the middle of thicker clothes and I could not see it easily. So when I found it, I was so happy. Hehe. I used this big belt to create a cinch on the top which is also of the same color, my chocolate brown purse from  wet seal, and to give a break on the monotony of colors, I used  this beige light shoes I have been using in my previous posts.

I hope you guys enjoy my post. You all have a goodnight. Thank you very much.



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Confessions of the Happy Feet!


It’s 85 degrees in Texas and all you can think of is taking a shower, swimming, going somewhere cool, hanging out in the park or better yet, staying at home just enjoying the coolness of the AC. But if you have some happy feet like mine, you would rather choose being out, not minding being sweaty, trying to be delusional that the trees could give you cooler air than the AC at home. LOL! First, because I wanted to take pictures, second, I wanted to see new places and third, I wanted to take pictures again. Hehe.

My outfit, dress I bought from Burlington, Flats from, Black Purse from Bueno, Baroque sunnies from Amazon and accessories from

You guys have a wonderful Sunday! See you all again on my next post.




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Be Nauti-Cal!


Good morning fabulous fashionistas! So okay, I woke up so early today which is very unusual. I am never an early bird but let see what we can do this early morning starting with my blog. (I am grinning!)

I wore this outfit yesterday to go out shopping with one of my girl friends. The nautical look! Stripes, white, red and blue. I have been looking for a striped dress but I couldn’t find one that really flatters my figure in order for me to make a post about doing the nautical look. Maybe because I am too choosy when it comes to stripes. You see, I don’t have a lot of stripes, I am scared of horizontal stripes in particular. Haha! But that could change. While this outfit is so laid back, I was just having a good time helping my friend doing her summer clothes shopping and doing a little bit of mine too.

Okay guys, you have a happy weekend. I hope you enjoy my little post. See you all again on my next one.



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