Celebrating the 4th of July (Your Own Way)….


Hello there again fab people! Tonight’s post is my dedication to America’s celebration of the 4th of July. At work, they kept asking me, how long have I been in the country and if I love it here….And there is only one thing I say all the time, heck yeah, I love the United States of America! You will ask me why, first and foremost, my husband is American and since I love everything about him, who and what he is, the very reason I should love America as well. Second, I don’t feel being an alien in the country. Not at all. It’s my second home. A home away from home. I remember I said to my husband, the place we are living in right now, it’s beginning to be like the place where I grew up in the Philippines. Everything is becoming more familiar each and everyday. It’s quiet, it’s peaceful and it’s like everyone knows everybody. And like what I have already said before, I am grateful to the country in general for the wonderful things I enjoy here, I would say it again, thank you America.

These pictures were taken in Salado Creek, Salado, Texas.

My outfit, Patriot top by fang, skirt from Rainbow (local store), lace up boots by Violet (local store), American Patriot Heart Shades from Amazon, Purse from Wetseal.

I hope you guys enjoy your 4th of July celebration.



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