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The girl with the clover scarf!


Hi, Happy Friday guys! I mean, it’s still Thursday my time, but it’s nice to think that tomorrow is Friday, right? Oh well, for you I supposed if you don’t work. But I will work tomorrow, but still Happy Friday!

My outfit post for tonight was yesterday’s outfit when I went out with a dear friend of mine. We just hang out somewhere and ate for we haven’t seen each other for more than a month. White asymmetrical sheer top, blue jeans, flat shoes, colorful light scarf and colorful purse. My go to summer outfit. Right, summer! And why the scarf? Because it’s so colorful and pretty it matches my shoes and my purse and it doesn’t mean it’s summer I couldn’t wear it. So I call it summer scarf! This scarf is one of my items for sale on Threadflip and I couldn’t help to wear it so I just deleted it there and considered it sold to myself. Hehe. It has pretty clover leaves design and very light. I also have the same sunnies for sale in there and they are fabulous! Even my top you can also find it there in 2 different colors. So if you want to visit there and check it out, please feel free to do so. And here is the link See yah there!

I hope you enjoy tonight’s post. Have a wonderful weekend ahead!



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The Power Flower!


I don’t know how to start my post tonight. I am so overwhelmed with lots of things going on in my mind. LOL! Well, yeah, things like work and other stuffs as usual. But let me not worry about that for now and allow me to say, hi!

Yesterday, I had another awesome date with my husband. We went out to eat for our late lunch, strolled and took pictures in the park and after that watched a movie, the Elysium. I guess there was no such thing as perfect, but I would describe it that way anyway. Just like my dress, it’s the perfect black dress in the midst of the summer. How come not? I never liked wearing a black dress especially in the summer. But hey, look at this power flower dress I got from a thrift store, it looks brand new and I am so in love with the edgy flower design. I paired it with my Nila Anthony Purse I got from Sneakpeeq some seasons back and my yellow patent shoes. So what do you think? Do you think you would wanna wear a black dress like this in the middle of the summer? Let me know 🙂




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I am on Threadflip!


Hello guys! So I had not been active lately with my wordpress. But it doesn’t mean that I had already forgotten about it. I was just busy with some things as usual, I am trying to be more productive than not. But anyways, I have been thinking if I would share it here that now I am already on Threadflip. But I decided I would, hehe. I have been selling my stuffs there and have been getting good feedbacks from my buyers. It was real fun selling there. At first, they gave a $50 in store credit for me to shop from other sellers after referring about 10 people. Then I started selling after I had checked the website very well. So now I am hoping you would as well check me out, if you want to follow me and you don’t have an account yet, you can use this link and you will be guided to your first step on threadflip. I hope you will enjoy and I will see you there!



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White and Blue….


Hello guys, did somebody miss me here? LOL! It seems like I have slept for so long and I have forgotten that I have a blog and I need to wake up and make some posts. Well, sometimes blogging could be tiring too especially if you are working and have other stuffs going on in your mind. I am trying to gather things together for school since I would like to register for college this fall. And  I am so excited 🙂

Outfit for today while doing some errands and grabbing something to eat for lunch is white and blue. Oh how I love this combination because it’s very refreshing to the eyes. I know I should stock my closet with so many whites, hehe. That is going to be my new fashion goal. You can never go wrong with a simple white tank top paired with blue jeans. Just pick a statement piece to go with the outfit and you are good to go. As for this outfit today, I would like to say my fedora is my statement piece, it compliments my pretty sandals and the whole outfit.

I hope you guys enjoy my post for today. See you again later 🙂



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