I have moved to a new site!

Hello there lovelies! It’s been quite a while now since I last visited this site and I have to admit, I miss it. But I have moved to a new site, it’s my travel and fashion blog all at one site. Please check it out and follow me if you may. Thank you so much. See you at http://www.myarmsaroundtheworld.com.



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Boho dress in polka dots

Boho dress in polka dots


As promised, here is a picture of my new speedy bandoulier LV that I purchased just recently. This was my first time to use it and I am really loving it. The sophistication of the purse is superb. So basically, When I went out for a lunch with the husband, I made sure, it was going to get some photos. (Smile!) And my dress, a boho dress in tiny polka dots, is one of the cutest dresses you will ever see in my closet. It’s ready for spring, so light, so flowy and the color is just perfect for my skintone. I paired it with my cole haans flats that are of goldtone and really matched it as well. I hope you guys enjoy this post. Have a goodnight!


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It’s Almost like Spring!

It's Almost like Spring!

Hello guys! It’s almost like spring in Texas. For how many days now, it’s been so pretty outside. But what is prettier than an LV shopping at the Domain Austin? My husband just bought me a speedy 25 Daumier bandoulier for my Valentine gift. And of course, I will be sporting it soon. Can’t wait to show you!

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Flower power in the winter!

Flower power in the winter!

Hello there! Just a quick post before I go to bed for I have to be at work so early in the morning tomorrow. These are some photos I have kept in my iPhone that my husband took the day after Christmas! Well, I still believe I am a flower lover girl coz I am always drawn by them. And with this outfit, I paired it with my newly purchased purse and I am loving it. I hope u guys have a happy new year!


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UMHB in dress and wedges



UMHB stands for University of Mary Hardin Baylor. I went there the other day with my darling husband. Actually we were from Austin and decided to drop by at the University just to check it out and have some photos.

My dress is a vintage style midi by Dianne B and my wedges from Candies. It was a lunch out in Austin so I decided to look more girly, with my curly hair down, a flowy dress and cute wedges.

Have a goodnight to all you fabulous people out there. See you on my next post.



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How Orange Can You Be?


When I saw this sweater in the mall I fell in love immediately. It’s so light and comfy and it covers even my hands. The orange color looks yummy and it is so soft like your favorite blanket. The weather is in the upper 70s today, it’s so nice to wear an outfit like this because it’s still breezy especially in the afternoon. I usually feel the cold temperature in my upper extremities than in my lower extremities so even if my legs are exposed I am ok as long as my chest and arms are not.


I finally wear my coach purse which my husband bought for me a few months ago. I love it because it’s so spacious and easy to carry because you can use it as a sling bag, I am thinking this bag is good for travels as well.


My headpiece is a DIY as well as my necklace. I saw this cute shell decor from the house that look like a pendant, I put a hole on it and put a string and there! I got a necklace! I am loving my shoes, they are so adorable and cute. I love to just run around with them coz they are very comfortable, I already know I will be using them a lot more later. My shorts are thrifted, they are a cut out from a 3/4 pants. Of course, it’s also DIY 🙂 I got my shades from Steve Madden.



Coach bag (www.coach.com) Steve Madden Sunnies (www.stevemadden.com)

That’s all for now guys, I hope you enjoyed this post. :))

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Pretty in Prints!


Guess who sew my pants? ME! There is this size 10 skirt that I saw from a thriftstore and the print is just so adorable to me. I knew I had to grab it even if it means I needed to alter it myself to whatever I could think about, and it turned out to be this printed pants. I paired it here with a forever21 blazer/jacket, and a white lace tank top.


These are the shoes I bought online which I used to pair for my thanksgiving dress last year. I love them in tan. It compliments my skintone.


As you noticed, the prints go along with each other. I carried the leopard clutch purse because I associate the prints in my blazer and pants with it. They have these animal quality in them as well.  All in all, I am happy for the outcome of this post. I have finally worn the pants I made myself! For me, this is the thing about fashion, it gives you the opportunity to be creative. Have a goodnight everyone! See you on my next post.

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Chasing a Train!


We went to eat at Applebees yesterday and the temperature was just so beautiful to wear a lacy tiered dress above the knee.  I felt so bloated after a good lunch so I told my husband we would chase a running train passing by. And we will take pictures of course. LOL!


I told my husband I couldn’t find a new pose when he is the one taking pictures of me. LOL! It’s either I will be holding my hair or the side of my head like a shy teenager whose photo is being taken by her crush. 🙂


I am wearing a summer fossil purse which I got online again, my blazer is thrifted and my dress is a vintage inspired lacy tiered dress I ordered online too, fashion booties from amazon, and Michael Kors Watch.

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For the LoVe of Sewing!


This is my bestfriend next to my husband 🙂 My husband bought it for me a few months ago when he saw how I loved to alter clothes on my own. Before this, I was doing all my sewing with my bare hands and it was not so easy and comfortable. When I got my babylock sewing machine which is so easy to use, everything in sewing seems so simple. Well, at least when you just look at it. LOL! But I got this from a Sew and Quilt where they offer a lifetime of free sewing class, so I attended classes for about two sessions and just learned the basics. If you just want to order a baby lock machine from the website which is a lot cheaper I believe, you can visit www.babylock.com for more information.


I think every fashionista wants to learn how to sew even just the basic in sewing. This urge of wanting how to sew begins when you order something online and it turns out to be a little big in size. What are you going to do when you badly want to wear the dress but you can’t because it just look rediculously big on you? My answer, get it redone by myself….;-)


This is in my fashion room. I didn’t take a pic of the entire room because the other corner is in chaos. LOL! I love to hang out in here everytime I am at home,  to read  fashion magazines, to watch fashion TV and of course to sew. This is it for now guys. See you again later!

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The Retro Chic!


I just finished altering this skirt today. As you noticed of course I am wearing a headpiece of the same cloth, which is the extra cloth from where I cut it. I really don’t know what’s up with me in the last few days, I just love some retro look like I am some vintage chic which is okay because vintage is one of my favorites.


I don’t feel like wearing any shoes. I just wanted to go out there with my stockings on feeling the coldness of the concrete. It was in the 60’s so it wasn’t that bad.


If we have a garden at the backyard, I want to go out there everyday in the afternoon  to water the plants looking retro just like this, probably. And then have my picture taken by my husband. LOL!


Retro is so refreshing though, isn’t it?

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