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Let’s squeeze some lemons……


Hi guys! How are you doing tonight? Great I hope 🙂 I just finished watching the NBA finals and I wasn’t so happy with the results, lol! But anyway, I am still having a goodnight. And I wanted to share to you an outfit I had yesterday for a lunch out at Chili’s with my husband. I called this “let’s squeeze some lemons” post because lemons are what I have in mind looking at the colors of my outfit. Hehe. I totally love it because its lemony color is very refreshing to the eyes, perfect for this blazing summer in Texas. I got this cutie bustier dress from Xhilaration, and my shoes from Amazon by C label, my purse and necklace online, my watch that I have been loving from Michael Kors, and Baroque sunnies from amazon. As you noticed, I painted my nails again which is also of the same color, I am happy about that but of course I had to remove it right away last night because today I had to go to work and the nail polish is a big no no. 😦

I hope you enjoyed my little post for tonight. See you on my next one lovely readers and visitors.




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Happy Easter!


Hello! Today was gloomy although it wasn’t cold. It made me feel nostalgic of how we celebrate holy week in the Philippines. I remember it was always raining. I say, yes I miss celebrating holidays in my country. But today I had to go to work, tomorrow I will too. Things had definitely changed for me. But everything is all good. There is always a rough spot along the way, but nothing that me, my husband and HIM can’t handle. This Easter, I would like to say, always see the good in everyone. Because at the end of the day, we all need some saving. Sometimes.

Happy Easter!


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Royal Love!


How can you not love a royal blue? For me, it’s a color that suits everybody. It’s bright, yet it’s soft. It falls under my favorite colors category. I opt to find some more cute clothes in this color. 🙂


This outfit was worn when husband and I did our taxes last friday. My shoes just arrived from thursday. They are so cute and light. I was so delighted to have received them. Like I was a kid in the candy store. 😀


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Sunlight in my Face!


Hi! I woke up late today because I had spent the whole night last night shopping online. But I ended up purchasing nothing. Zero. I woke up today thinking what a waste of time that was! So I hurried up to take a shower and ran to my closet, digging up clothes that I haven’t even worn yet. And I ended up trying this timing piece I got from Amazon a few months ago. I looked at the backyard, the grass starting to grow back and the little yellow grass flowers are now showing a little bit too. So okay, camera ready, let’s try a pose. Another pose. And another same pose. LOL! It felt good to feel the sunlight in my face. It gives me a familiar morning scenario back in the Philippines, when in the morning, 90% at all times, the sun is showing unless of course if the weather is bad.



My outfit, Timing Dress from Amazon, The webster cardigan from Target. I hope you enjoyed this post. See you again next time, fabulous people!

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