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Be Nauti-Cal!


Good morning fabulous fashionistas! So okay, I woke up so early today which is very unusual. I am never an early bird but let see what we can do this early morning starting with my blog. (I am grinning!)

I wore this outfit yesterday to go out shopping with one of my girl friends. The nautical look! Stripes, white, red and blue. I have been looking for a striped dress but I couldn’t find one that really flatters my figure in order for me to make a post about doing the nautical look. Maybe because I am too choosy when it comes to stripes. You see, I don’t have a lot of stripes, I am scared of horizontal stripes in particular. Haha! But that could change. While this outfit is so laid back, I was just having a good time helping my friend doing her summer clothes shopping and doing a little bit of mine too.

Okay guys, you have a happy weekend. I hope you enjoy my little post. See you all again on my next one.



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Looking for Balance….


I saw those shoes online and I wondered, would I be able to walk  in them? Worst, would I even be able to stand with them? When I tried them on, tried to walk in them, I realized, there is some truth to this, living in fashion has its price.

To my wonderful friend/my part-time photographer (lol) thank you so much for these photos, thank you for the fun and for sharing my suffering while walking on these shoes yesterday. It was horrible! Haha! These shoes are not meant for walking that’s why, they are the cutest but they are only meant for photos.

I hope you guys enjoy this post. Have a good one 🙂


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The feel of grass on my feet……







Hello there! How are you fashionistas all over the world? Great I hope. You stay fabulous and happy, I would love it that way 🙂 Tonight, as I am posting these photos that were taken yesterday during a picnic with some wonderful friends, I felt alive and happy, the photos were taken spontaneously because we were just having a great fun. I chose these blue ensembles because first, I love blue, then I added colors by throwing on my scarf cardigan cover up because for me it defines my general idea of a perfect picnic, fun, colorful, lots of smiles and laughter. But the reason why I chose the title, “the feel of grass on my feet” because of how I turned out to be barefoot on a lot of photos. For me, my outfit for the day was vibrant, young and colorful and it makes me feel like a child, walking, running, and turning around on the grass.

On my next post, allow me to post some photos of my friends on the said picnic, the happiness we shared and the quirkiness of each and everyone that made the picnic a whole lot of fun.

How about you guys? Have you had a perfect picnic with friends?



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Vacation Diary – Day 2


Hi! Today was a little shopping day with my husband and a park day with my friend and her kiddos. It’s been a busy but very exciting day! I decided to wear my most comfortable flats and a cutie dress that is given to me by a wonderful friend in California. (To my wonderful friend, here’s another one of your cutie clothes. Thanks and Love u!)



Today, I realized, how much I miss not working. LOL! Just enjoying my time with my husband and driving around. But hey, I can’t be a bum! (Hehe) So I will just enjoy my time while I am having this wonderful vacation leave from work. I realized how much I miss my nieces and nephews too back in the Philippines, I wish I can spend time with you little people like you are close to me because every time I see bunch of kids playing in the park, it reminds me of you all.

I hope you guys enjoy this post. See you again on my next one 🙂



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Vacation Diary – Day 1


Hello fabulous people! Didn’t I tell you I have so many things in mind to do because it’s the start of my vacation leave from work today? Well, I just started doing one of those things. Picture taking and more picture taking. LOL! Today, the husband and I went to Austin to check out Forever21 at Ezperanza Crossing as well as to eat in a seafood restaurant which we did not really know where. It was kind of disappointing at Forever21 though because I didn’t buy anything although they have a lot of cute clothes. The frugal and reasonable mind kicked in, I could get those clothes online for cheaper prices whenever stores go on sale. So I decided to just look around and didn’t buy anything at all which made my husband happy and proud of me. Haha!


We dropped by downtown for a hot minute just to take some pics. It was disappointing too, haha, because the wind started blowing which is evident in my skirt (swingyskirt that is!) and looked like the rain was getting ready to pour down when we got there. But even so, we still managed to take a few pics, quick, fast and in a hurry.




And after taking pics we got hungry of course, we searched google for the nearest seafood restaurant and it led us to Pappadeaux! It was my first time to eat in the restaurant and it was fantastic! The food was excellent and comes in real huge servings.


This was mine, Pan Seared Trout with Rice Risotto. Delicioso!


This was my husband’s because he is a catfish fan. Grilled catfish in whatever they put in it and it was so good.


So today was fabulous! After dinner, one last pic before we headed back home.

My outfit, Forever21 Lace top given to me by a friend in California (thank you so much) and I love it, lace skirt – I got from Burlington in my latest buys, Purse from Amazon and Wedge Booties from Forever21.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post fabulous people! See you again tomorrow 🙂 Have a good one!


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From the House to the Meadows!




Hey! You know what day is today? It’s the start of my 10-days vacation from work. Yay! And it’s my husband’s too. So I am ecstatic! There are a lot of things in my mind that I want to do and that I need to accomplish. Lastnight, I was like grabbing a notepad and writing down those things. But let’s start with posting pictures that we took yesterday before going out for lunch. I have this outfit for awhile now, my top was actually a dress I cut and altered into a top because it didn’t look right for a dress and my skirt was like a size 10 I got from the thrift store so I had to alter it first too before wearing it. Well, my husband said, I always find a way to make a dress work and that’s really my goal eversince, to be innovative in fashion. It feels great to see stuffs that you altered and made yourself and you actually wear them because they are wearable now.

Fashion Lesson for Today: Always be Innovative!

Hope you guys have a wonderful Monday and a fruitful week ahead.




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How About A DIY Tommy Hilfiger Inspired Hat?

How About A DIY Tommy Hilfiger Inspired Hat?

Hi fashionistas! Here is what I am thinking today. Tommy Hilfiger collection of nautical looks. Like OMG! I am so in love with it. I can’t stop thinking about the white, blue and red stripes ensembles. So this what is like a dummy only. I am still looking for a red cloth to embellish around the hat. Let see how it’s gonna work 🙂 Follow my next post….

I hope you guys have a wonderful Sunday!


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The Shirt She Made!




Hello Fashionistas! Happy Weekend Y’all! These are the photos I promised which were taken yesterday by my husband. This is the shirt I made which I posted in “Thinking Outside the Box”. Isn’t that cute? I have paired in cohesion to my recent purchases, the Jessica Simpson’s Skinny Jeans which I bought from Burlington and my spiked shoes from plus my recently thrifted purse. And do you know how much my shoes cost, $10.99. That is a wow! It’s very light and comfy as well which is the most important thing for me because I think I will be wearing these shoes a lot. I am sorry guys, I am bragging about my bargains, I just couldn’t help it. Hehe!

So what do you think?

I hope you guys enjoy this post. See you on my next one. 🙂



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Thinking Outside the Box!

Thinking Outside the Box!

Hi! Today, I found a small Hanes t-shirt in my closet that is still new. For some reason, I can’t remember what I bought it for. I am not a t-shirt person so I was wondering if I could alter this to a new top and design it into something that is wearable for me. So here is the outcome. From a simple t-shirt to a fashionable top. 🙂 I will wear it tomorrow for a lunch out with the husband so you know I am gonna be taking a picture. I hope you will check it out. Let see how it fits and if it works 🙂


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Blue and Luscious Green!

Blue and Luscious Green!

Hi! How are you guys doing today? I am supposed to take some pics today after work but unfortunately, the temperature changed. It’s chilly outside and I don’t feel like competing with the wind while dragging my tripod. However, I found some old photos, not old old, some photos that were taken spring of last year and one of those was this photo I posted now.
My outfit, Levi’s jeans, body central ruffled top and flat boots bought from amazon.
I hope you guys have a goodnight 🙂


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