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I’m a hitchhiker, will you give me a ride?


Hello guys! I have missed you. I was wandering for a couple of days, got busy, but am never lost.

The post is the idea of my good friend (Jona) who was with me today at the park, taking photos, breathing less hotter air than in any other part of Texas (lol), chatting, laughing and eating as always. Thank you (ate) for the photos, and even if we can’t take photos at all, we always have a good time.

First time I got to the United States, I saw people on the road wanting to have a hitchhike. They sometimes have real huge backpacks like everything they own is in there. I couldn’t help it but feel bad for them. Until now, I still ask my husband, will you give him a ride? You know I am kidding, right? Coz his answer is, HECK NO! I would smile and say, I know. But even if I knew we wouldn’t give any hitchhiker a ride, I am always left with a question, what if it was me, what if it was my husband, would somebody give us a ride? Is there still a place in the world where this kind of thing is easier to do? Maybe there is….maybe (which I am hoping, both hitchhiker and the Samaritan driver respect and return each other’s kindness).

My outfit, lace hi-lo top from Burlington, 7 for all mankind distressed jeans, Dolce Vita Animal Print Loafers, Guess Watch, Tommy Hilfiger bucket purse, earrings from Amazon.


You guys have a goodnight. See yah!



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