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She’s by the Fence!


Another gorgeous day today. Husband and I ate at one of our favorite fast food restaurants and after lunch, he agreed to take me to the service road where this white fence is. I decided to wear neutral colors today for my dress and even my shoes and to give life to the outfit I used my pink bag again which I used yesterday in my post and a scarf headpiece.



These shoes from JADA I got them when I was still in the Philippines almost 2 years ago. I have kept them like they are my babies. They are so comfortable and edgy and you can just throw a simple dress with it and you are all set!

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Chasing a Train!


We went to eat at Applebees yesterday and the temperature was just so beautiful to wear a lacy tiered dress above the knee.  I felt so bloated after a good lunch so I told my husband we would chase a running train passing by. And we will take pictures of course. LOL!


I told my husband I couldn’t find a new pose when he is the one taking pictures of me. LOL! It’s either I will be holding my hair or the side of my head like a shy teenager whose photo is being taken by her crush. 🙂


I am wearing a summer fossil purse which I got online again, my blazer is thrifted and my dress is a vintage inspired lacy tiered dress I ordered online too, fashion booties from amazon, and Michael Kors Watch.

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As promised, I said I will take more pics in 2013, I am starting to fulfill that promise now. Whenever I find some time off work, I will do the best that I can to take pics and dig up my closet for pieces and ensembles. I am sorry if I am looking real blank in this first photo on top because I was trying to imitate models from magazines with their blank looks, lol! I think I look slightly retarded doing it. But I am a fashionista/model in the making, LOL! I am willing to experiment everything.


I thought this photo is really candid! I wish I could play more with my tripod but it’s slightly hard to run on a carpeted floor with my new shoes on. Urgh! I wish my photographer (husband) hasn’t gone tired of me taking pictures here and there and I can still make use of his extra effort in taking all the photos that I want.


I am wearing a Charlotte Russe Cropped jacket that I grabbed from the outlet not too long ago, a forever 21 sequinned skirt, a Michael Kors Watch, and a fashion ankle booties I grabbed from Amazon. I hope you enjoyed this post. See you all later. Muah!

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