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Hurry up, Spring!


So I am looking at my closet again. I have this feeling that all my clothes are for spring or for summer. And yah, I want to sing, hurry up, spring! Back in the Philippines, because it is a tropical country and it has no winter season, even on a rainy day, you want to wear your shorts, skirt, sleeveless top and the like. Hmm, I am missing my country. Wearing this outfit today, makes me feel nostalgic of some things I used to do in my beloved country 🙂 Yeah, like hanging out with your girl friends, walking in the mall in your shorts and flat shoes on, having some frappe on a regular blazing day.


My outfit today is a combination of some hauls I did in the mall and online. The shorts, I got it for a very unbeatable price. My top, is a DIY by me of course. :)) It used to be a dress which doesn’t look so nice for me so I altered it into a top. My shoes are from steve madden. I am in love with the color especially when I matched it with the pink purse from BCBG. They look like candies to me, yummy, yummy colors. LOL!~


So what do you think? Do you want to sing as well? Hurry up, Spring!


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Pretty in Prints!


Guess who sew my pants? ME! There is this size 10 skirt that I saw from a thriftstore and the print is just so adorable to me. I knew I had to grab it even if it means I needed to alter it myself to whatever I could think about, and it turned out to be this printed pants. I paired it here with a forever21 blazer/jacket, and a white lace tank top.


These are the shoes I bought online which I used to pair for my thanksgiving dress last year. I love them in tan. It compliments my skintone.


As you noticed, the prints go along with each other. I carried the leopard clutch purse because I associate the prints in my blazer and pants with it. They have these animal quality in them as well.  All in all, I am happy for the outcome of this post. I have finally worn the pants I made myself! For me, this is the thing about fashion, it gives you the opportunity to be creative. Have a goodnight everyone! See you on my next post.

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