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Just being Cute in white and yellow!


Happy weekend everyone!

OOTD for today plain white shirt and yellow mustard skirt, yellow shoes and my colorful bag plus rounded vintage style sunnies. I think heat in Texas will not end too soon. I say, I am tired of it already but hey, look at the clothes we can wear in the summer time. Light, simple and nevertheless, cute! So enjoy summer to the fullest!

I hope you enjoy today’s post! Take care and see you next time!



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We are Just Having Fun!


Hello my lovely readers! I have a question for you. When was the last time that you had real fun hanging out with your girlfriends just goofing around, acting silly in the camera and doing absolutely nothing in a public place but have fun? A long time ago? Oh man! You should pick up your girlfriends tomorrow and do what I did. LOL!


This is Giana. A good friend’s daughter. I absolutely love her like my own niece. I think she is one of the prettiest girls I have ever seen in my whole life. There is something about her face that is beyond pretty. She is just a sweet, stunning, beautiful girl to me.



Let me introduce to you Chermaine, she is another daughter of a good friend of mine. So we went out to the mall together, and just one of your girlfriends’ perks, trying on cute stuffs and buying little things that are a token of your friendship. She will be posting in my blog from time to time, as I asked her too. Soon. And look at these sunnies! Aren’t they so cute? Hehe….Earthbound store has plenty of little cute stuffs that we fell in love with.



This is mine and Chermaine’s hands. We bought 2 braided bracelets that are of the same design. One for her and one for me. I think simple stuffs like this, make my life even sweeter.

I hope you guys enjoy my post for tonight. See you on my next one!



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The girl with the clover scarf!


Hi, Happy Friday guys! I mean, it’s still Thursday my time, but it’s nice to think that tomorrow is Friday, right? Oh well, for you I supposed if you don’t work. But I will work tomorrow, but still Happy Friday!

My outfit post for tonight was yesterday’s outfit when I went out with a dear friend of mine. We just hang out somewhere and ate for we haven’t seen each other for more than a month. White asymmetrical sheer top, blue jeans, flat shoes, colorful light scarf and colorful purse. My go to summer outfit. Right, summer! And why the scarf? Because it’s so colorful and pretty it matches my shoes and my purse and it doesn’t mean it’s summer I couldn’t wear it. So I call it summer scarf! This scarf is one of my items for sale on Threadflip and I couldn’t help to wear it so I just deleted it there and considered it sold to myself. Hehe. It has pretty clover leaves design and very light. I also have the same sunnies for sale in there and they are fabulous! Even my top you can also find it there in 2 different colors. So if you want to visit there and check it out, please feel free to do so. And here is the link See yah there!

I hope you enjoy tonight’s post. Have a wonderful weekend ahead!



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Visiting Galveston!


The Galveston Sign as you enter the bridge that connects Houston to the Island of Galveston.


The Tremont House where we stayed.


Exploring the downtown.


Having dinner at the Fisherman’s Wharf…


The Galveston Beach….


Hello guys! First, I would like to say I have missed you. I haven’t been able to update my blog the last few days because I had been busy. Yes, but good thing about it though I have some photos for you during our little trip to Galveston for 3 days. I say, I love Galveston! It was my first time to visit the place and I was amazed by so many things that you can see and do in that little island. And it was a shame we only stayed for a short time, not enough to explore everything. But like what my husband said, we had to leave some stuffs undone and unseen for the next time. 🙂

Some more photos on my next post. Enjoy!



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