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The Power Flower!


I don’t know how to start my post tonight. I am so overwhelmed with lots of things going on in my mind. LOL! Well, yeah, things like work and other stuffs as usual. But let me not worry about that for now and allow me to say, hi!

Yesterday, I had another awesome date with my husband. We went out to eat for our late lunch, strolled and took pictures in the park and after that watched a movie, the Elysium. I guess there was no such thing as perfect, but I would describe it that way anyway. Just like my dress, it’s the perfect black dress in the midst of the summer. How come not? I never liked wearing a black dress especially in the summer. But hey, look at this power flower dress I got from a thrift store, it looks brand new and I am so in love with the edgy flower design. I paired it with my Nila Anthony Purse I got from Sneakpeeq some seasons back and my yellow patent shoes. So what do you think? Do you think you would wanna wear a black dress like this in the middle of the summer? Let me know 🙂




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