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Some Things Are Just Addictive!


Hi guys, I am going to work  in about 20 minutes but I just wanted to share to you my outfit today when I went out to a Thai restaurant since I was badly craving for some thai food. Like the Thai food which I am addicted to when I lived in Thailand for a short time, I am also addicted to blogging now. I want to do it everyday. 🙂 I wish I really can. Well, let see if I can give you a post everyday and I hope you won’t get tired of me then. LOL!




My outfit, XOXO white longsleeves stretchable top, BCBG dress, Loafers bought in Amazon, Candy purse bought in ebay. So what do you think? Summery colors, spring time soon. Just can’t wait. :))


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Fine Print is Classic!


Hi guys, I just got home from work and it so happened that I am not so sleepy yet so I decided to post these photos I had today. I am beginning to love what I am doing, I mean the blogging thing. LOL! I love fashion regardless of time, yesterday, today and tomorrow but this blogging, it’s starting to hit on me like a drug. It’s addictive. LOL! So I have noticed  on my posts I haven’t posted this pair of cutesy, sexy boots I am wearing. So I decided to wear them today to pair with this pretty dress I just bought recently. I am so inlove with how the combo came out especially when I paired it with my candy messenger bag I got on ebay from overseas.


Fine prints are classic. You stock up your closet with fine print dresses and they are timeless. You don’t need to accessorize a fine print dress too well because it’s a statement on its own. Like what I did here, I just picked my calf high boots, and a solid candy purse, a simple bead necklace and I am all set.


So what do you think guys? Sorry about the trash can though. My husband didn’t take his time considering of what was on the surroundings before taking the pics. Good thing, the can was empty. LOL! See you again next time guys, I hope you like my little post… goodnight 🙂

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Hurry up, Spring!


So I am looking at my closet again. I have this feeling that all my clothes are for spring or for summer. And yah, I want to sing, hurry up, spring! Back in the Philippines, because it is a tropical country and it has no winter season, even on a rainy day, you want to wear your shorts, skirt, sleeveless top and the like. Hmm, I am missing my country. Wearing this outfit today, makes me feel nostalgic of some things I used to do in my beloved country 🙂 Yeah, like hanging out with your girl friends, walking in the mall in your shorts and flat shoes on, having some frappe on a regular blazing day.


My outfit today is a combination of some hauls I did in the mall and online. The shorts, I got it for a very unbeatable price. My top, is a DIY by me of course. :)) It used to be a dress which doesn’t look so nice for me so I altered it into a top. My shoes are from steve madden. I am in love with the color especially when I matched it with the pink purse from BCBG. They look like candies to me, yummy, yummy colors. LOL!~


So what do you think? Do you want to sing as well? Hurry up, Spring!


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The Retro Chic!


I just finished altering this skirt today. As you noticed of course I am wearing a headpiece of the same cloth, which is the extra cloth from where I cut it. I really don’t know what’s up with me in the last few days, I just love some retro look like I am some vintage chic which is okay because vintage is one of my favorites.


I don’t feel like wearing any shoes. I just wanted to go out there with my stockings on feeling the coldness of the concrete. It was in the 60’s so it wasn’t that bad.


If we have a garden at the backyard, I want to go out there everyday in the afternoon  to water the plants looking retro just like this, probably. And then have my picture taken by my husband. LOL!


Retro is so refreshing though, isn’t it?

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