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Boho dress in polka dots

Boho dress in polka dots


As promised, here is a picture of my new speedy bandoulier LV that I purchased just recently. This was my first time to use it and I am really loving it. The sophistication of the purse is superb. So basically, When I went out for a lunch with the husband, I made sure, it was going to get some photos. (Smile!) And my dress, a boho dress in tiny polka dots, is one of the cutest dresses you will ever see in my closet. It’s ready for spring, so light, so flowy and the color is just perfect for my skintone. I paired it with my cole haans flats that are of goldtone and really matched it as well. I hope you guys enjoy this post. Have a goodnight!


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In Hi-lo Dress and Booties

DSC_0796 DSC_0793

Hello, I am back! And I just wanna share to you guys an outfit I wore recently. I hope you like it!


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We went to the Pumpkin Patch!

pumpkin patch1

DSC_0385DSC_0386pumpkin patchDSC_0374pumpkin patch3pumpkin patch2

So this is my first pumpkin patch in the country and I was excited because I had never been to any before. LOL! First, because I was thinking it’s for kids and I don’t have a kid. That’s the main reason actually. But I kept on wondering, what’s with the pumpkin patch really? A lot of pumpkins of course. Silly me! So yesterday, I asked my husband to drive around the city and looked for the pumpkin patch venue. And we found it, so I brought my friends and their kids there with me today. Happy me and happy kids!

I hope you enjoyed your pumpkin patch as well.

Have a happy weekend!



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If fashion is crazy, what am I?




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She’s a Lady!


Hi there!

I just had my residence card renewed and although I could have gone at the application support center in pants, simple top and maybe flat shoes I still opted to wear something dressy.  I just got this cute dress from overseas, I couldn’t wait to wear it so I said, I would wear it during my renewal of my residence card and I did. I hope you like it!

Have a goodnight and remember, always feel and be fabulous!



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Fun Monday!


Hello fashionistas! This is an ordinary Monday which turned out to be a one fun Monday! I was taking photos of the clothes I sell on Threadflip, and I decided I will take photos for my blog too. And this is the end result. Hehe.

I hope you enjoy your Monday lovelies! See you later guys! Muah!



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The Power Flower!


I don’t know how to start my post tonight. I am so overwhelmed with lots of things going on in my mind. LOL! Well, yeah, things like work and other stuffs as usual. But let me not worry about that for now and allow me to say, hi!

Yesterday, I had another awesome date with my husband. We went out to eat for our late lunch, strolled and took pictures in the park and after that watched a movie, the Elysium. I guess there was no such thing as perfect, but I would describe it that way anyway. Just like my dress, it’s the perfect black dress in the midst of the summer. How come not? I never liked wearing a black dress especially in the summer. But hey, look at this power flower dress I got from a thrift store, it looks brand new and I am so in love with the edgy flower design. I paired it with my Nila Anthony Purse I got from Sneakpeeq some seasons back and my yellow patent shoes. So what do you think? Do you think you would wanna wear a black dress like this in the middle of the summer? Let me know 🙂




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White and Blue….


Hello guys, did somebody miss me here? LOL! It seems like I have slept for so long and I have forgotten that I have a blog and I need to wake up and make some posts. Well, sometimes blogging could be tiring too especially if you are working and have other stuffs going on in your mind. I am trying to gather things together for school since I would like to register for college this fall. And  I am so excited 🙂

Outfit for today while doing some errands and grabbing something to eat for lunch is white and blue. Oh how I love this combination because it’s very refreshing to the eyes. I know I should stock my closet with so many whites, hehe. That is going to be my new fashion goal. You can never go wrong with a simple white tank top paired with blue jeans. Just pick a statement piece to go with the outfit and you are good to go. As for this outfit today, I would like to say my fedora is my statement piece, it compliments my pretty sandals and the whole outfit.

I hope you guys enjoy my post for today. See you again later 🙂



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Life is a Beach…..


As a continuation of our Galveston escapade, I just wanted to post the last few photos we took before we left there. The beach in Galveston might not be as pretty as the beaches I have seen in my country, but still, it made me happy like a kid in the candy store. Hehe! It made me miss the Philippines to tell you the truth. I said, when I go home for a visit one day, I will take a lot of photos in the beach and you will be ecstatic to see them because they are pure, unadulterated beaches. LOL!

Have a goodnight y’all.



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I’m Your Sunshine in the Rain…


Hello wonderful and fabulous people of wordpress and my lovely readers, hi to all of you. You know I didn’t mean to be slacking off these past few days but that’s seems to be what happened in my blog 😦 It’s been raining here in Central Texas for 3 days now and everybody seems to be happy though because we needed that rain. Hehe. So I guess it’s okay to abstain from blogging first and enjoy the rain because in the next weeks to come I know it’s going to be unbelievably hot again. BUT, I have some photos for you. And I will be your “sunshine in the rain”. The lively flower in my hair, my colorful skirt just couldn’t get gloomy even if it’s raining. Instead, it’s telling you to smile 🙂 My husband was asking me, what’s up with the flower? It might grow in your hair when it gets wet. ..hehe..You know he was just kidding, right? I said, it’s okay. So when we go inside the restaurant, in this gloomy, rainy day, people have something to smile about when they see the flower in my hair. And so he said, now I like that, my sunshine in the rain. Hehe!

Have a goodnight fabulous! And don’t get wet when it’s raining there…


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