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Bienvenue Louisiana!


Hi, Just a quick stop in Shreveport Louisiana during our short trip to Mississippi. Dress sweater with the cutest kitty design and my black lace up boots from forever21, plus a SOX cap borrowed from my husband complete my monochrome outfit of the day.

Hope you guys enjoy your Tuesday!



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Stolen Shots….


Hello, hello! How are you guys doing tonight? Before I go to bed, let me share to you some photos my friends had taken today while doing some shopping at our favorite Asian Store in Central Texas, named Oh Mart! I hope they appear cute because I was feeling funny while one of my friends took the photos like a paparazzo shot and my mouth was slightly open like I was in awe. Hehe! But yeah, it was fun! I wore my go to outfit in most of my shoppings, pair of tight jeans, loose t-shirt and flat shoes, plus a denim jacket I used as a button down cardigan. Tell me what you think….What’s your go to outfit in your shoppings?

Have a fabulous night….



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Fashion and Me and the Cheesecake Factory!


Hey, hello there pretty readers….Yes, it’s not Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but Fashion and Me and the Cheesecake Factory! 🙂 Husband and I drove to Austin today to have a lunch out and we ended up at the Cheesecake Factory and of course we love it! The weather in Texas is starting to cool off now, still warm but not hot anymore. So I wish it stays like this all throughout the year because I am loving it. But you know it’s beyond impossible 😦 Weather is so unpredictable and sometimes you don’t know what’s what tomorrow.

Today, I ended up dressing boho again. My skirt is so colorful it looks like the colors of fall. I just paired it with a white tank top, and my shoes are the coolest left over of my summer outfits that I believe I can still wear throughout fall.

I hope you guys also had a cheesy Tuesday! See you next time!



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Just being Cute in white and yellow!


Happy weekend everyone!

OOTD for today plain white shirt and yellow mustard skirt, yellow shoes and my colorful bag plus rounded vintage style sunnies. I think heat in Texas will not end too soon. I say, I am tired of it already but hey, look at the clothes we can wear in the summer time. Light, simple and nevertheless, cute! So enjoy summer to the fullest!

I hope you enjoy today’s post! Take care and see you next time!



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The Vintage Girl!


Hello my lovely readers! It’s kind of late already but of course I am still awake, pretending I am doing a lot of stuffs, but nah! I am just strolling online, and updating my blog. (Smiled)

The title of my post tonight is “The Vintage Girl!” It’s the look and the dress that I am referring to not me personally, okay? LOL! The dress is a pretty flowery vintage from GAP. When I first saw it, I fell in love with it. And you know me as  I know you too. You will be like, Oh that is so cute, just like I said when I first saw this dress. I wish to take another photos of it though, so you can see the flare when I am standing and it has a mid lining which gives your body a flattering look. I did my hair some braids on the side because I was feeling like it. This is my first time to do my hair like this, and I really love it. It was easy and fun! I hope you guys will have a fun weekend ahead.

See you next time.



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UMHB in dress and wedges



UMHB stands for University of Mary Hardin Baylor. I went there the other day with my darling husband. Actually we were from Austin and decided to drop by at the University just to check it out and have some photos.

My dress is a vintage style midi by Dianne B and my wedges from Candies. It was a lunch out in Austin so I decided to look more girly, with my curly hair down, a flowy dress and cute wedges.

Have a goodnight to all you fabulous people out there. See you on my next post.



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Plaid Shorts + Yellow


Hi lovely readers! Good evening to y’all. Today’s OOTD is plaid shorts + loud solid colors like yellow and red.

I will leave my post this way, simple and short. I will see you next time.


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The girl with the clover scarf!


Hi, Happy Friday guys! I mean, it’s still Thursday my time, but it’s nice to think that tomorrow is Friday, right? Oh well, for you I supposed if you don’t work. But I will work tomorrow, but still Happy Friday!

My outfit post for tonight was yesterday’s outfit when I went out with a dear friend of mine. We just hang out somewhere and ate for we haven’t seen each other for more than a month. White asymmetrical sheer top, blue jeans, flat shoes, colorful light scarf and colorful purse. My go to summer outfit. Right, summer! And why the scarf? Because it’s so colorful and pretty it matches my shoes and my purse and it doesn’t mean it’s summer I couldn’t wear it. So I call it summer scarf! This scarf is one of my items for sale on Threadflip and I couldn’t help to wear it so I just deleted it there and considered it sold to myself. Hehe. It has pretty clover leaves design and very light. I also have the same sunnies for sale in there and they are fabulous! Even my top you can also find it there in 2 different colors. So if you want to visit there and check it out, please feel free to do so. And here is the link See yah there!

I hope you enjoy tonight’s post. Have a wonderful weekend ahead!



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I am on Threadflip!


Hello guys! So I had not been active lately with my wordpress. But it doesn’t mean that I had already forgotten about it. I was just busy with some things as usual, I am trying to be more productive than not. But anyways, I have been thinking if I would share it here that now I am already on Threadflip. But I decided I would, hehe. I have been selling my stuffs there and have been getting good feedbacks from my buyers. It was real fun selling there. At first, they gave a $50 in store credit for me to shop from other sellers after referring about 10 people. Then I started selling after I had checked the website very well. So now I am hoping you would as well check me out, if you want to follow me and you don’t have an account yet, you can use this link and you will be guided to your first step on threadflip. I hope you will enjoy and I will see you there!



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Visiting Galveston!


The Galveston Sign as you enter the bridge that connects Houston to the Island of Galveston.


The Tremont House where we stayed.


Exploring the downtown.


Having dinner at the Fisherman’s Wharf…


The Galveston Beach….


Hello guys! First, I would like to say I have missed you. I haven’t been able to update my blog the last few days because I had been busy. Yes, but good thing about it though I have some photos for you during our little trip to Galveston for 3 days. I say, I love Galveston! It was my first time to visit the place and I was amazed by so many things that you can see and do in that little island. And it was a shame we only stayed for a short time, not enough to explore everything. But like what my husband said, we had to leave some stuffs undone and unseen for the next time. 🙂

Some more photos on my next post. Enjoy!



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