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DIY (Design your own Shoes)



Hello there guys! This is a DIY of designing your own shoes. At the last photo, I had these blue ballerina flat shoes that I wore during a vacation in Colorado sometime last year. The photo was taken at the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. Well anyway, I am so fond of buying inexpensive/cute items at the last minute during holidays or vacation get away and this pair of shoes is a classic example. So you see, I was climbing on top of the rocks just to take pictures and walking on rough surfaces at the Garden of the Gods and my shoes almost gave up on me. LOL! I saw that the skin of the shoes were about to come off and I was so disappointed because I love them, they are so cute and comfortable. My wonderful husband kept laughing at me and said, take them off and throw them away. That’s what you get from being “cheap”! (haha) But I refused! Oh my goodness, I know I had to do something. And here it is! The creative mind worked and for some months I was still able to enjoy my shoes and wherever I went, people were asking where I got them shoes. When I said, I designed them. They were like, NO WAY! But I say, YES WAY!

I hope you guys enjoy this post! See you on my next one….



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Lost in Oblivion….




Sometimes I am in deep thoughts, you can’t fathom what I am thinking about. I call it lost in oblivion. – Rhea Taylor

This is Vacation Diary – Day 5. But I don’t wanna bore you with the story so I made a different title to the post which I think is well-suited to the photos. Thank you so much to my wonderful friend who took the photos. (love, love and we need to practice some more, lol!)

I won’t try to explain my outfit because I think it’s very simple. Haha! I took the nerd-looking glasses for a change, still the same lace up boots that I have been wearing the past 2 days because I am in love with it and the same purse still because it matches the boots and I am also in love with it, forever21 pants, and my sweater I brought from the Philippines which I love. I think it gives update to the whole outfit. It was a little chilly today so I guess that explains it why I am wearing all of these pieces.

So what do you think guys? Have you been lost in oblivion? I see you on my next post. Ciao!


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The Bike I Never Had!




Hi! Happy Friday Fashionistas! This post is dedicated to everyone who growing up didn’t have a bike or who was scared to get on a bike. As for me, growing up in the Philippines, a bike when I was young was like too expensive for my parents to buy. So I never owned one. I knew I learned how to ride a bike from my male cousin who used to sleepover in our house. I got bruises and scratches from hitting a pole or tumbling down while practicing. But the point is, I learned even if I didn’t have my own bike. And now that I can already afford it, it’s like reminiscing those days when I was young, when I used to cry because I really wanted to have one. It makes me smile just thinking about it 🙂

My outfit for today, Old Navy Spring Punch Maxi Dress, Forever21 Flats, Superdark Retro Sunnies I got from Amazon and my  bangles from Zenufashion and DIY headpiece.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. See you again next time.


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Necessity or Luxury?

Necessity or Luxury?

Hi! Your Lamborghini is parked right next to my car. My car might not be a hooptie but I considered yours a luxury. Yours might not be a Bugatti, but I come from a country where jeepney is everywhere and I only pay less than a dollar to go somewhere.

This photo was taken a month before I started blogging. My outfit, Korean style chiffon top from online store overseas, old navy skirt, my white flats i have sold them away and I don’t remember where I got them from, purse by fossil.

Have a goodnight guys! See you again next time 🙂

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Paradise in the Desert!


Hello again fabulous people! Today was in the 50’s, back to the chilly kind of weather again but the sun was showing making it, “okay weather ” for me. The husband asked me to follow him at the car shop where he dropped his car for some oil change but then, told me beforehand, we are going to have a lunch date somewhere. Somewhere!


And you know, as usual, I said okay, let me dress up and even if it was kind of chilly, I still opted for a dress, put on a red jacket and some heels. I didn’t know exactly where we were going. And when we arrived at the place, I was like, ohhh! It was kind of a smaller city within a city. He brought me to this breath taking place, the Oasis of Texas! And for someone who lives an hour away from Austin, it was already an amazing date for me because all you see in my city are trees and houses. LOL!


So before going in, here I am again, taking pictures for my blog. Camera ready, prepare the flash!




So this is the restaurant, on top of the hill. Overlooking Lake Travis. Isn’t it gorgeous? It was 3 pm when we arrived so the area wasn’t crowded and I am wondering if it ever gets really crowded because it’s huge.



I wanted to wait for the sunset but the husband wanted to beat the rush hour and it was really chilly up there especially if the wind was blowing although there were heater lamps all around. I thought it would be so romantic to watch the sunset with your loved one and sipping a perfect margarita in a chilly twilight.


It was not a lot of food choices in the menu though. I think they could have done better with the food. I chose to order some chicken and beef fajita and husband chose the grilled red fish. The taste was ok. It was nothing extra ordinary.


I still love the view regardless. 🙂 I hope you too guys. See you again on my next post. Have a good night!

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Royal Love!


How can you not love a royal blue? For me, it’s a color that suits everybody. It’s bright, yet it’s soft. It falls under my favorite colors category. I opt to find some more cute clothes in this color. 🙂


This outfit was worn when husband and I did our taxes last friday. My shoes just arrived from thursday. They are so cute and light. I was so delighted to have received them. Like I was a kid in the candy store. 😀


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The Girl Who Wished It’s Cherry Blossoms!



I’ve heard of cherry blossoms, I’ve seen pictures of them, I’ve heard from people who have seen it in person how beautiful it is. And this small tree with flowers all over its branches always captures me everytime I see it. It makes me dream of cherry blossoms. It makes me dream of travelling in the spring time to Japan where they grew abundantly. Well, I have a wonderful and a good friend in Japan, maybe one day my dream will come true. 😀 Don’t you think you wanna visit Japan too?

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So I Put My New Shoes On!


It’s officially Spring! You know how much I’ve been waiting for it. LOL! So today, as husband and I went out, I put my new shoes on!





Outfit for today, top (bonjour), skirt(ebay), shoes(yuki – you can buy it @, purse (amazon), watch (michael kors). Happy Spring fashionistas! I hope you enjoyed this post!

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Sunlight in my Face!


Hi! I woke up late today because I had spent the whole night last night shopping online. But I ended up purchasing nothing. Zero. I woke up today thinking what a waste of time that was! So I hurried up to take a shower and ran to my closet, digging up clothes that I haven’t even worn yet. And I ended up trying this timing piece I got from Amazon a few months ago. I looked at the backyard, the grass starting to grow back and the little yellow grass flowers are now showing a little bit too. So okay, camera ready, let’s try a pose. Another pose. And another same pose. LOL! It felt good to feel the sunlight in my face. It gives me a familiar morning scenario back in the Philippines, when in the morning, 90% at all times, the sun is showing unless of course if the weather is bad.



My outfit, Timing Dress from Amazon, The webster cardigan from Target. I hope you enjoyed this post. See you again next time, fabulous people!

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You Think of Reaching Your Dreams Like Walking On A Bridge!


Hello again! I really don’t know how to further elaborate the title of my post. Hmm…I am just inspired by looking at the photos because for me, reaching one’s dreams in life is like walking on a bridge. You really don’t know how sturdy the bridge is but if you want to discover, taste and experience what awaits for you on the other side,  you will take the risk of continuing your steps until you reach the end of that bridge. 🙂



My outfit for this post, boyfriend shirt (old), Spring leggings by Rue21, Wedge Sneakers from Amazon. I hope again that you enjoyed this post guys. I will see you next time. Muah!

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