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So I Put My New Shoes On!


It’s officially Spring! You know how much I’ve been waiting for it. LOL! So today, as husband and I went out, I put my new shoes on!





Outfit for today, top (bonjour), skirt(ebay), shoes(yuki – you can buy it @, purse (amazon), watch (michael kors). Happy Spring fashionistas! I hope you enjoyed this post!

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Olive Green!


Hello there! I am debating if I should post this photo because aside from my awkward smile because it’s taken right outside of the Olive Garden after a dinner with my husband, I don’t have any other view of the  dress which I have long wanted to take pictures of. For me, the dress is so comfy and edgy, yet it’s very feminine as well. Oh well, I guess this one photo will serve its purpose for now. And anyway, I didn’t have any random post yet. At least this one was taken when I didn’t think about taking pictures. But I always have my sony cybershot camera with me whenever husband and I are out somewhere. Just in case he feels like taking a photo of me. :)) This is it for now guys, see you again on my next post. Muah!

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At 28!


Hello fabulous fashionistas! Two days ago I celebrated my 28th birthday. I say, I added a year to my age, not age to my years. And I thank God for that. I still feel the spirit of being youthful, the gaeity of life everyday and I am thankful. I had a very sweet celebration because being away from the Philippines, you didn’t expect to have a party anymore, to cook food, to blow a candle in a cake, and to make a wish. But all my new found friends made it all possible. I was definitely touched. Another milestone in my life that I will always remember, sweet and good people.


I had a birthday celebration with friends a day before my birthday. So on the date of my birthday, I spent the whole day with the love of my life. We had a simple lunch, took a walk at the park, took a few pictures, laughed, talked about life, laughed about our craziness and headed home. It was a beautiful, beautiful day!



My outfit is a gypsy dress I bought from ebay, a crocheted cardigan from Old Navy, and shoes from Anne Michelle. I hope you guys enjoyed this little post. See you again next time!

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A Preppy Day!


I love Texas! I love Texas especially in the winter time. We are just in the middle of February but with a temperature in the 70s, you can’t help but love it here. I went out to lunch with the husband of course and wore this preppy outfit. I am getting obssessed with flowery tops on tiny prints paired with solid bottoms. The girly fashionista in me comes out everytime I see flowers. LOL!


I keep it simple by just wearing a few accessories. Not even wearing a watch this time, when in fact, most of the time I can’t just leave the house without wearing one.



My ring, it’s a DIY. I had it on my previous post. I am a proud promoter of PEACE. 🙂


So in general, this preppy day was a gorgeous day for me. You put on your red lipstick, just do a pony tail, wear your cute preppy outfit with your most comfortable shoes, accessorize beautifully and simply, then put on your sweetest smile. It’s a GORGEOUS DAY!

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Hurry up, Spring!


So I am looking at my closet again. I have this feeling that all my clothes are for spring or for summer. And yah, I want to sing, hurry up, spring! Back in the Philippines, because it is a tropical country and it has no winter season, even on a rainy day, you want to wear your shorts, skirt, sleeveless top and the like. Hmm, I am missing my country. Wearing this outfit today, makes me feel nostalgic of some things I used to do in my beloved country 🙂 Yeah, like hanging out with your girl friends, walking in the mall in your shorts and flat shoes on, having some frappe on a regular blazing day.


My outfit today is a combination of some hauls I did in the mall and online. The shorts, I got it for a very unbeatable price. My top, is a DIY by me of course. :)) It used to be a dress which doesn’t look so nice for me so I altered it into a top. My shoes are from steve madden. I am in love with the color especially when I matched it with the pink purse from BCBG. They look like candies to me, yummy, yummy colors. LOL!~


So what do you think? Do you want to sing as well? Hurry up, Spring!


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I Always give 100% at Work!


I told you so….I couldn’t wait to wear my tutu skirt that I made lastnight. LOL! I guess I am too bored not doing anything before work so I decided to take pictures of course. I want to look like a teenage cheerleader today and here it is!


This shirt, I always give 100% at work my husband got me at walmart. He said it is so cute and I can only agree with him. I have been looking for a statement shirt that should not be more than 10 dollars and I only got this for $4.99. So I am real happy about that. I suggest if you want some cute inexpensive statement shirts, check your nearest walmart.


That vintage inspired rounded sunnies! Oh boy! They arrived in the mail the other day. I ordered 2, brown and this one. I am so happy with my purchase, they look expensive to me but they actually are not. Find out for yourself at I have been shopping in amazon lately, I like how they put it “Smart is beautiful” tagline because it really is a smart way shopping with them.


Don’t yah think my rounded sunnies are cute? Hmm….:) By the way, my watch is my husband’s guess watch.


These platform sandals I got from C Label in amazon. They are so comfortable even at this height. I hope you enjoyed my little post guys. See you again next time. 🙂

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