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There’s ‘NOTHING’ Glamorous About Styling!


Looking back at the photos I have taken eversince I started blogging, I remember a conversation I had with my younger sister back in the Philippines. We both love fashion. We looked and read fashion magazines and gave comment on what we thought of styles from celebrities and high fashion models. Then we would both sigh….If only we looked like them, tall, skinny, and we sighed again. Then we would both laugh after because we knew the thought was crazy. So models are usually pretty in a unique way. They are usually skinny and tall. But hey, even if they are born that way, I am sure they worked so hard to be where they are now, to be in those glossy covers that me and my sister envied all the time. So today, I just wanted to share my thoughts about styling. My husband kept telling me that everytime I go out, it seems like I am going to attend a certain fashion fair. LOL! I changed clothes like 3 times before I can make up my mind on what I should wear on that day. It’s ridiculous, right? But when you want to look good, you need to be comfortable. When you are comfortable, you are confident, and when you are confident, you feel beautiful. But all of these things are hard work. There is no such thing as effortless for me. You might look effortless in your style, but you have to think and decide , try and try more to be confident about who you are in fashion, about what style you are most comfortable in.


Today I am wearing My Michelle blazer, vintage-inspired lace top, forever21 skirt, shoes by Pulse, purse by J. Renee and watch by Michael Kors.

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A Preppy Day!


I love Texas! I love Texas especially in the winter time. We are just in the middle of February but with a temperature in the 70s, you can’t help but love it here. I went out to lunch with the husband of course and wore this preppy outfit. I am getting obssessed with flowery tops on tiny prints paired with solid bottoms. The girly fashionista in me comes out everytime I see flowers. LOL!


I keep it simple by just wearing a few accessories. Not even wearing a watch this time, when in fact, most of the time I can’t just leave the house without wearing one.



My ring, it’s a DIY. I had it on my previous post. I am a proud promoter of PEACE. 🙂


So in general, this preppy day was a gorgeous day for me. You put on your red lipstick, just do a pony tail, wear your cute preppy outfit with your most comfortable shoes, accessorize beautifully and simply, then put on your sweetest smile. It’s a GORGEOUS DAY!

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She’s by the Fence!


Another gorgeous day today. Husband and I ate at one of our favorite fast food restaurants and after lunch, he agreed to take me to the service road where this white fence is. I decided to wear neutral colors today for my dress and even my shoes and to give life to the outfit I used my pink bag again which I used yesterday in my post and a scarf headpiece.



These shoes from JADA I got them when I was still in the Philippines almost 2 years ago. I have kept them like they are my babies. They are so comfortable and edgy and you can just throw a simple dress with it and you are all set!

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A Taste of Safari!


The idea of the outfit is the wilderness in Africa. I have been dreaming to go on a Safari trip but this dream of mine is the last thing on my husband’s mind. I wanted to throw an outfit like this one if ever I will be given a chance to go there one day. 🙂




My headpiece is a cut out from my skirt. I decided to cut it because I didn’t want to wear a wrap around skirt below my knees. Then I wrapped it in my head instead, and I found the idea cute. My shoes and my jacket were a bargain I found online, I totally, absolutely love them! What yah think?

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