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Just An Ordinary Day!


Hey you! I just wanted to say hi because for a few days now I have missed you. Yes, you!

Summer is fun and colorful….well, it’s hot but still it’s fun and colorful.

Outfit, shift dress received as a gift, flat sandals from moddeals, purse (thrifted), sunglasses from Amazon, Michael Kors Watch, ring from eBay.

I hope you guys are having a fun, colorful summer!



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My nail arts DIY

My nail arts DIY

How about these for this summer guys? I used to do my own nail art when I wasn’t working yet. And I missed it so bad. It was fun, creative and refreshing seeing your nails all dressed up with different designs. These weren’t the best designs out there but I tried. 🙂 I have Elmo, stripes in rainbow, smiley and strawberry. Take your pick. I see strawberries perfect for the summer. Have a goodnight.


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DIY (Design your own Shoes)



Hello there guys! This is a DIY of designing your own shoes. At the last photo, I had these blue ballerina flat shoes that I wore during a vacation in Colorado sometime last year. The photo was taken at the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. Well anyway, I am so fond of buying inexpensive/cute items at the last minute during holidays or vacation get away and this pair of shoes is a classic example. So you see, I was climbing on top of the rocks just to take pictures and walking on rough surfaces at the Garden of the Gods and my shoes almost gave up on me. LOL! I saw that the skin of the shoes were about to come off and I was so disappointed because I love them, they are so cute and comfortable. My wonderful husband kept laughing at me and said, take them off and throw them away. That’s what you get from being “cheap”! (haha) But I refused! Oh my goodness, I know I had to do something. And here it is! The creative mind worked and for some months I was still able to enjoy my shoes and wherever I went, people were asking where I got them shoes. When I said, I designed them. They were like, NO WAY! But I say, YES WAY!

I hope you guys enjoy this post! See you on my next one….



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