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White and Blue….


Hello guys, did somebody miss me here? LOL! It seems like I have slept for so long and I have forgotten that I have a blog and I need to wake up and make some posts. Well, sometimes blogging could be tiring too especially if you are working and have other stuffs going on in your mind. I am trying to gather things together for school since I would like to register for college this fall. And  I am so excited 🙂

Outfit for today while doing some errands and grabbing something to eat for lunch is white and blue. Oh how I love this combination because it’s very refreshing to the eyes. I know I should stock my closet with so many whites, hehe. That is going to be my new fashion goal. You can never go wrong with a simple white tank top paired with blue jeans. Just pick a statement piece to go with the outfit and you are good to go. As for this outfit today, I would like to say my fedora is my statement piece, it compliments my pretty sandals and the whole outfit.

I hope you guys enjoy my post for today. See you again later 🙂



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Tuesday is Hot!


Hello there fabulous people! Tell you what, no one missed you more than I do. It feels like I have been off wordpress for awhile and I couldn’t wait to write or post something. LOL! Now, finally, with the blazing heat in Texas, after work I am able to spend time with my husband who has been busy too for awhile, went out for dinner at a seafood restaurant named “Planks”. As we all know a peplum style outfit has been going on for quite some time and yet this is my first time to wear one of its kind. I had a peplum top before but I decided to sell it away on eBay because I realized I didn’t look good on a peplum top since it made me look thick. But the peplum skirt, I see it gives shape to my body because I have a smaller hip so it creates a bigger and sexier hipline which I hope I am right with my own assessment. Well, my husband was so pleased looking at the outfit and when the husband is pleased,  sometimes, nothing else matters. (Hehe)

I hope you guys have a goodnight. See you next time.


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Let’s squeeze some lemons……


Hi guys! How are you doing tonight? Great I hope 🙂 I just finished watching the NBA finals and I wasn’t so happy with the results, lol! But anyway, I am still having a goodnight. And I wanted to share to you an outfit I had yesterday for a lunch out at Chili’s with my husband. I called this “let’s squeeze some lemons” post because lemons are what I have in mind looking at the colors of my outfit. Hehe. I totally love it because its lemony color is very refreshing to the eyes, perfect for this blazing summer in Texas. I got this cutie bustier dress from Xhilaration, and my shoes from Amazon by C label, my purse and necklace online, my watch that I have been loving from Michael Kors, and Baroque sunnies from amazon. As you noticed, I painted my nails again which is also of the same color, I am happy about that but of course I had to remove it right away last night because today I had to go to work and the nail polish is a big no no. 😦

I hope you enjoyed my little post for tonight. See you on my next one lovely readers and visitors.




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Polka Dots in Brown!


Hi fashionistas! How have you been doing? Great I hope. First, I wanted to say thank you to y’all for always being there in spite of me being gone for how many days. I can see readers now and followers, it means, I am not the only one visiting and viewing my blog now. LOL! Thank you very much.

This outfit was worn at a lunch out with my husband of course. This was a gift to me by my sister-in-law and I remember I have it in the closet for awhile now and I also remember how cute they were and comfy when I first fitted them. So I could not imagine why I had almost forgotten it but I figured out the material of this pair is so light and since my closet is so full of “junks” as what my husband calls it which I really need to fix soon, it was stuck in the middle of thicker clothes and I could not see it easily. So when I found it, I was so happy. Hehe. I used this big belt to create a cinch on the top which is also of the same color, my chocolate brown purse from  wet seal, and to give a break on the monotony of colors, I used  this beige light shoes I have been using in my previous posts.

I hope you guys enjoy my post. You all have a goodnight. Thank you very much.



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C’mon Spring and Summer, Bring It On!


You see Texas, I came from a tropical country (the Philippines), I miss wearing summer dresses all the time when I was there. LOL! So as spring is almost over and summer is on its way, I say, bring it on! I don’t mind you being hot at all, because I know you will still be hot whether I like it or not, right Texas?

Yesterday was another perfect day to spend time with good friends. But before them, I spent time with my wonderful husband first. Just shopping a little and walking around the PX mall looking for little stuffs. My outfit was the perfect outfit to do it. Very comfortable, springy and summery. I chose these cute shoes to pair with this hi-lo flowery dress instead of wearing open strappy sandals because I think its color and how delicate it looks in person goes well with the dress plus it is almost the same color as my fedora.

Well here some facts about my outfit: Hi-lo dress from Rainbow (local store) Fedora (Rainbow) Baroque Sunnies (Amazon) Purse (Thrifted) Shoes (Thrifted) Earrings (Maurices) Necklace (Sneakpeeq)

I hope you guys have a wonderful day. See you later! Muah!



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