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I’m Your Sunshine in the Rain…


Hello wonderful and fabulous people of wordpress and my lovely readers, hi to all of you. You know I didn’t mean to be slacking off these past few days but that’s seems to be what happened in my blog 😦 It’s been raining here in Central Texas for 3 days now and everybody seems to be happy though because we needed that rain. Hehe. So I guess it’s okay to abstain from blogging first and enjoy the rain because in the next weeks to come I know it’s going to be unbelievably hot again. BUT, I have some photos for you. And I will be your “sunshine in the rain”. The lively flower in my hair, my colorful skirt just couldn’t get gloomy even if it’s raining. Instead, it’s telling you to smile 🙂 My husband was asking me, what’s up with the flower? It might grow in your hair when it gets wet. ..hehe..You know he was just kidding, right? I said, it’s okay. So when we go inside the restaurant, in this gloomy, rainy day, people have something to smile about when they see the flower in my hair. And so he said, now I like that, my sunshine in the rain. Hehe!

Have a goodnight fabulous! And don’t get wet when it’s raining there…


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